Brickonicle G3: Official TTV Canon List [CANON][Worldbuilding][Characters][Pitch]

You’re ahead of me.

(I love the wind tribe its by far my favorite tribe because of the Viking style) Hey why not the wind tribe export be fruits and lumber to build with. they live in tropical lands and that’s where plant baring fruit and tall trees like to grow.

And I think the ice tribe would be books and things like telescopes and star trackers technology that is not too advanced.


Great minds think alike. :smiley: Last I heard, the Wind Region is the commerce hub, and the ice tribe is sort of the leader in tech.

I just don’t like the idea of the wind tribe only existing to move other tribes stuff. Like they could still use rahi like big rahi beetles to move logs out of the deep jungle or big Bird like rahi to pick fruit at the tops of out of reach trees.

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I’m not really sure what you mean.

There are things like the Caravans in the desert region.

After discussion on what each region’s ‘export’ would be, it was decided that Kauae would mainly be transportation.

EDIT: After some research, I’ve realized that I’m not sure whether it’s ‘Kanae’ or ‘Kauae’. I’m finding sources that say each.

At the moment they use rahi to move other tribes stuff like gold and other important things. Not really for there own use. At the moment they only exist to serve other tribe. And I think it would fit the tribe to be climbing trees to pick fruit and cutting down trees. Fits them too becuse loggin is a dangerous job.

I think that the lack of “productive” industry, is supposed to explain why they are a destitute mercantile oligarchy.

Ok I get what you mean and I’m not saying "they"should change the tribe. But I would like to see them as there own independently sustained society rather then relaying on other society to live.

I get what you mean, but the whole point of the current version of the wind tribe is that they can’t function as an independently sustained society, reliance on the other tribes characterizes their existence.

Since the topic has been on the subject of world building and not just story telling I’m wondering when we will hear about rahi?


I mentioned this in another topic, but is/will there be an explanation for the biomechanics of the matoran? It’s been bugging me for a while, so I thought I’d ask here.

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A good point, but I think that might be something which is better left unanswered.

A big part of Bionicle’s charm is the sense that you aren’t seeing the whole picture, even when you still know enough to act on.

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We might discuss it: one of the things about having a story bible is that you go over everything, even the parts that will be left up to mystery for the audience. That is so your actions and story are consistent and make sense (so if you say your characters absorb food with their hands you don’t have a scene where they eat berries or talk about taste).

Remember: you are not the audience for Bionicle G3. That audience is hypothetical. You are the audience about a show about us making Bionicle G3, which means that you are privvy to a lot of stuff the actual audience wouldn’t know.


Ok then.

G1 did start seeding the giant robot thing from the start. Like Metru Nui’s “suns” in 2004.

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There was also the three pillars that stuck out of the water that were supposed to be his hands.

Honestly, the Mata Nui Robot just wasn’t seeded enough. There weren’t a ton of things that you can look back on in G1 and be like “Oh, that makes sense!”, unlike, say, Harry Potter.


I have to say the giant robot idea for g1 was both dumb and mindblowing cool.

I like the fact that they didn’t give us much detail on it becuse it led to one of the biggest WTF (what the fishstick) moments in my childhood.

But you could also say it was dumb.
like jon stated because there was no detail to pice it together yourself it was just pasted on to the story out of the blue. But still yong me loved it.(almost as much as rahi… I need that rahi fix)

I know my word is not so important in this whole ideal but I still go off the idea they have a thin exo-skeletons like bugs but in this case it’s metal( in place of skin). And on the inside of these plates are organs and other living tissue such as nerves an bone( but there bones would be harder not unlike metal again) and blood vessels witch means they can get sick.

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You’re absolutely right.

What I liked about the reveal of Makuta’s “plan” in 2008 was that it filled in a lot of old plot holes, and allowing to connect up to things. Like that moment when you think, “Makuta was so comically villainous and inconsistent in the first three years, because he was trying to train the Toa, not beat them.”

It made up for the shortages of the robot reveal, but it wasn’t as good as it could be.

Personally, I like the G2 concept that they just have metallic skin and bones, but being Bio-mechanical could be an interesting addition to the Brothers’ story.

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I just like the idea of them being more human like as in they can get sick or can break a bone and in the inverse can be treated for there ailments. Plus it elevates the whole problem of do they eat or get gives the idea of “die-ing” in g3 more of a tangible feeling rather than a robot dieing that could just be put back together. (Yes I know of the whole life force thing)

Plus I wanted to put out the idea of talking about the main characters personas more. I posted on this thread my idea of what they might sound like and act themself and among other in the group.although the post was not popular by that I mean I dout anyone read it. but I think I did a good job capturing ther personas.

Plus I also wanted to say ( I’m having a brain fart on witch cast members said it) I love the idea of the water tribe having an old abandoned village under the waves. It would make a great sub story. With a cthulu like creature acting as a guardian. the old tribe members could be more creature. like having adopted more fish attributes. ( I have a rough picture of what I think the villagers would look like but I dont know how to post a picture from a phone :expressionless: lol)

And I still would love to see the wind tribe do more with stuff like lumber and fruit weather it be just for themself or it could be one of the less desirable jobs thats why it’s not a main export. I just dont like them only existing to work for other tribes.

And I will shut up about rahi becuse that’s what I have been begging for the cast to talk about for the last month and it’s going nowhere :grin:

Thanks if you read the whole thing this was a basically a ramble post of random ideas .and sorry if there is typos I have huge hands and a small phone not a good combo.

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I have not been following this at all so I have no clue what’s going on. Can I assume that the first post is what’s currently established? Mostly, I’m looking for the elevator pitch.

Looking at the boards, it feels like it’s diving deep into “distraction” discussion than the core.

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