Brickonicle G3: Official TTV Canon List [CANON][Worldbuilding][Characters][Pitch]

I really want this to be real


Was nuparu alredy mentioned here? There were some ideas for her in one other topic.
If not, than here are some concept art ideas.


Wait. If those six matoran who would later become the toa were the only ones without the powers in their tribe, wouldn’t they and the others just wait for them to become the toa. Onua would be ready to leave his family one day, kopaka his throne and so on with others. This could be fixed by giving them and a few other matoran reduced powers or just take the powers from more matoran but the second option could make it look too much like avatar with benders and non benders.
I might be wrong and have misunderstood something.

There haven’t been Toa for so long that the people have forgotten about them, or consider them a legend. However, there are still one Matoran born in each tribe without elemental powers every generation. Many of them were just seen as late bloomers, or chose to keep their powerlessness a secret.

No one expects them to become Toa because plenty of Matoran without powers had come before that didn’t become Toa. In the current day, most would view it possibly as a curse or as a disease. There are other diseases that could take away a Matoran’s connection to their element.


@Jon great explanation. Thanks

hey Jon, is it to late for me to give my ideas for the Rahkshi’s backgrounds?

im still working on Panrahk’s and have just Guurak, Kurahk and Turahk left.

It’s not too late, but we are finalizing them. One thing we did suggest is to give a tl;dr for future topics, as we are more likely to view your longer pitch in its entirety if we can get the gist of it up front.


Did this ever get updated?

We would very much like a Story guide to the canon.

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As stated in the podcast for this week, we’re working on it.



Would be nice to have some canon references to place some a few peices of artwork.

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i saw the discussion and i think that you guys could do both the small, one key suva vaults and the large, six key suva(/Kini Nui) vault by having the six vaults be located in the six different regions and have the seventh vault be located on the same place the masks originally were created, the lost ruins of the lightning tribe.

See in my mind the Lightning Matorans were the most advanced Matoran tribe and are thus the ones who unintentionally caused the Matorans to fight against one another originally, with the tribe then destroying their culture to prevent the six remaining tribes from getting their secrets (which was on how to manipulate and control the artificial element of lightning) and the Toa of that age then collected the remaining masks but made the vaults just in chase there ever was a need for the masks.

by the way, i got a big Legend of Chima vibe from the consept that the Ice and Fire matorans would be the ones who fight one another and they just pull the four remaining tribes into their conflict.

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Cast members, can we start a Ask Topic for the Canon? I have a lot of ideas brewing, but there is so much running together that it’s hard to keep track of what has been said, what has been done, and all that.

And seriously, this needs to be updated.


Pretty sure they need to finish the bible before that happens…

I am sure we are not in the clear about what is gonna happen.

I have no idea yet and my ideas are always a miss kind of thing…

We have stopped updating this topic and instead will be providing the fans with a story bible that we’re putting together. It is almost finished. We have 35 pages and counting.


@Jon: Will it be one giant post with all the information typed in, or a post with links to various other topics for better organization?

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It will be a Google Document that we will link here for posterity.


Happy to find a list of things I can draw.

Without going too far out.

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Hallelujah. I can’t wait!


This topic wasn’t update for a looong time…

Done. I have read through everything.