Brickonicle "Sets" Discussion

This topic is to get an idea of what everyone believes hypothetical Brickonicle sets would need to be to sell as an action theme. Some of us believe they should mostly be location based to build the world. On the other hand, some of us think for the “sets” to sell, they would need to be more vehicle based (it is pitched as an action theme after all).

My thoughts:
I personally prefer buildings with unique functions and traps to adding powerful vehicles for the Toa, as I feel they would subtract from the Toa in some way. Adding the vehicles later down the line would feel more natural and make sense to me.
That said, if it is determined that there will be vehicle “sets” earlier, they could be creatures or repurposed contraptions the Matoran have made.
I could see the vehicles actually being Rahi the Toa have tamed, for example: Pohatu on a giant scorpion, Lewa a flying insect, Kopaka a giant wolf like creature…The only thing I could see wrong with this is it might look to much like Chima.
Contraptions would undoubtedly be used throughout the island for every day tasks and hobbies. The Toa could utilize these to reserve elemental power such as Lewa using a glider.
As a side note:
I am not including any wheels in my designs as the wheel was not invented in g1’s Matoran universe or in g2, which is very unique. This is a pretty big restriction but it really makes you think outside the box and you can end up with some incredible designs.

These are just my thoughts, please share yours.


Here’s some basic ideas I have:

  1. One of every regional village type (Mangai-theme, Ihu-theme, etc), with multiple variations to each set (would include instructions for a basic village, capitol building, military fort, piece of landscape, etc., all in the same box) (each box containing an instruction book with two different blueprints like a capitol building/fortress box, or a village/landscape box).

  2. Basic vehicles, if any (ships/airships).

  3. Rahi sets (a collection of Rahi instructions per region)

  4. Matoran packs (regional pack of various bodies and masks, maybe randomized).

  1. I think multiple variations of builds in one set is a very interesting idea but I am not sure it would be practical for an action theme. It would require a lot more work to come up with multiple models with the limitation of the same pieces especially in an action theme where many pieces will be specialized but not impossible.

  2. I am having a hard time imagining airships as they would kind of separate the characters from the island and story?

  3. This I could see as a practical approach to the multiple models variations in one set.

  4. I could see this more as a collectible minifigures line. That would be a series I would have to get all of them.

  1. Fair enough. Maybe not for all of them, but maybe a few (especially the larger sets).

  2. I like to think of it as making the environment 3-dimensional, not just based on land (I could see underwater sets as well).

  3. Sounds good.

  4. I agree with you somewhat on that, but I was thinking that the Matoran packs could just be to add more customizable Matoran (adding the possibility of more custom characters). Maybe each pack could include a rare piece (like a rare mask or Onua-sized body).

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-1. Still a taxing task that would, if real, raise the price of the already expensive set.

-2. I think this aspect would be covered by the wind tribe as they would be flying region to region. Giving any other tribe this ability may cause problems with story as well.

-4. I love this idea even more. :+1:

Here are some designs I am working on based off artwork and some of my own ideas.

  1. I wouldn’t say there would be that many with that specific concept.

  2. Exactly what I had in mind.

  3. Obligatory so the #4 appears in the post.

  4. Is your #3 a response to my #4? If so, awesome!

Edit in response to images: Why can’t I like a post more than once?!

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-1. I could possibly see one or two.

-2. This is a quick concept that I may have gone a little overboard on.

-4. Yes it was, not sure why it made it a 3.


-2. When it comes to aerial vehicles, I don’t really see the glider as a common vehicle for Kanaens. Since they have flying Rahi, or limited air manipulation to allow basic aerial movement, I don’t see a main distributer making the glider.

It would make more sense if this was a vehicle made by an independent inventor like Nuparu, although that would mean giving it a more Nuparu-like theme. Maybe some orange mixed in there acting like a signature?


I’ve had the same opinion from day one, an action line is dead on arrival without action sets,
That’s simply the reality of the situation.

From the kaita poll topic:

These ‘ancient machines’ would obviously not appear in the story in the first year, or arguably even the second, matoran machines such as onu/po matoran boxxor and le matoran airships and such could easily be a way to simultaneously give the ‘good guys’ vehicles while still having them be the underdogs.


Those are some very ornate very expensive plastic statues,
while they are pretty, they don’t seem to actually do anything.
As well, getting more than one large structure a year is highly unlikely.


Great point.

That makes more sense and that color scheme would probably work a lot better, i’ll try it out quick.

@RAKRONDEWL: I’ve got a post on the Bohrok in Brickonicle that could work as action/sport sets. With this concept, you could implement the multiple-instructional books to build various Bohrok-grades, arenas, and environments (maybe a combat-grade model laying siege on a small fort for the Civil War season?)

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So yeah, we obviously want to have buildings because world buildings, but that won’t work at all for an action theme. I’d suggest Vehicles/monsters as the main part of the sets, with a small building with a defense action for a side build. We could possibly do one, maybe two big building sets, but those should still have a small vehicle/monster for play value.


I could see this.

I am still working on the functions and haven’t added the antagonist/s yet. Looking at Nexo Knights and Ninjago we could get two a year.

I like the idea but feel it would need to be introduced in a later year as they seem too advanced/futuristic. Never the less I have already built one for the racing.

You are probably right and I will keep this as my mindset as I work to finish them and for future builds.


Speaking of your build, you should really add wheels in. Lego wouldn’t build something like that and not add wheels. I do like the opening feature tho.

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I really like the shape and design of the Racers!

Maybe the two “wheels” on the outside could revolve from the center, and the cockpit should open from the front. Looking at it from a real-life perspective, it wouldn’t be too good for the driver to be spun with the wheels. He’d probably throw up or get pressure sickness.

Still looks cool, though!

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It does, which is one of the reasons if it was used, it should be later down the line, IMO.
@Bokarda, was writing this as you replied, lol.


I forgot the fortrex technically counts as a structure.

Personally I’d suggest a $30 and the big $120 $150 sets be the limit of structure focused sets.
Perhaps a starter kit(ala city) of a camp or something as well.

I’m not saying the line can’t or shouldn’t have structures, or that I don’t want any, merely that there needs to be restraint shown.

Also I just thought of another vehicle type: po matoran sand skiffs, I think each tribe having a signature vehicle type could flesh out the world while filling spots in the set lineup.

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Oh, didn’t realize it spun. Some rubber could help though, to make sure it spins.

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:smile: insert excited squee

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That sounds quite reasonable.

I really like this idea.

That is undoubtedly my fault, “I will not use wheels”, uses wheels… Hmm rubber, I didn’t think about the traction, an excellent point.

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