Brickonicle in the Future [Characters][Worldbuilding][Pitch]

The following is NOT canonized by the TTV. Anything listed serves as potential material for the TTV, if they ever want to use any of it. Anything they reject outright (assuming any of them read this) will be labeled Non-Canon.
This topic will be dedicated to all things Brickonicle, only in future seasons/years. This specific post will be edited with additions and suggestions put in by any commentors. This topic will be using the following links as reference points:
Mata Nui and His Sons {Three Brother Personalities @DarkMaestro}{Three Brother Macrofigures @RAKRONDEWL} {Sister Vahi @Pato}
Elemental Gods (Nuva) and the First Toa Origins @RAKRONDEWL
The Island of Artakha

Current Timeline (Suspension of Time as Epoch)/Canon @DarkMaestro (correct me when applicable)

~BST 500: The Kanohi Era
AST 1: The Island in Suspended Time @DarkMaestro
AST 2: Civil War

Nuva Mode: A state of being in which a Toa unlocks their full potential, allowing their power to rise gradually and indefinitely. Attained by surpassing all predecessors in physical, mental, and elemental power. Signified by glowing Nuva symbols on their masks.

  • Inika Mode: a state of being in which a Toa’s overwhelming emotional state forcibly unlocks the Nuva Mode, causing damage to their bodies. Signified by glowing scars across their bodies.

Shadow Toa @DarkMaestro: distortions of the Toa that personify their inner darkness.
The Three Virtues: three metaphysical ideals that the Three Brothers embody.
Toa Nui @FuegoDeCera: the fusion of all Toa to rival the Titans.

Toa Alpha @JediTimeLord824 [edited in this section to fit continuity]: the initial recipients of the Nuvas’ powers. Chosen to defeat the Titans. Each noted for greatness before being chosen.

  • Tahu (leader):
  • Gali:
  • Lewa:
  • Pohatu:
  • Onua:
  • Kopaka (deputy leader): Wielded the ancestral sword of Ihu @RAKRONDEWL . Founder of the royal house of Ihu and distant relative of Izotor.

Toa Kanohi
Toa Vahi: Chosen to reform the Mask of Time and defeat Makuta.

##Matoran Ideas @Gresh113

##Great Beings @AntrozT6
Clandestine entities dating before time.


Federation of Fear @JediTimeLord824: comprised of various villains in Brickonicle. Membership as follows:

  • Leader(s): Roodaka, Sidorak
  • Members: Ahkmou
  • Freelance Associates: Dark Hunters, Vezon

League of Six Kingdoms @AntrozT6: legendary warlords dating hundreds of years back. Membership as follows:

Artakhan Sports

Rahi Concepts @Oomatu

Artakha Bulls: advanced Rahi possessing superior physical attributes and near-Matoran intelligence. Instinctively follow and serve Keetongu.
Kanohi Dragon: powerful servant of the Barraki used to suppress rebellion. Killed by the Toa Kanohi.
Visorak: dominated spider-like Rahi that serve Makuta and Sidorak. Possess venom capable of empowering and enraging their victims, turning them feral. Able to spin webs. Possess near-Matoran sentience. Rendered docile when Makuta’s power is diminished. Amphibious and omnivorous.

Future Locations

Annona’s Prison: Located within the center of the Sun; sealed by the surrounding Nuva. Seal gradually weakened by solar eclipses due to current positioning of Nuva in solar system, since moon blocks direct path between Sun and Mata Nui’s Coffin.
Brickonicle Sets@RAKRONDEWL
Islands @AntrozT6
Kanohi (City of Masks): A long forgotten patch of ruins located near the rim of the Heart of Artakha. Location where the Kanohi Masks used by the Toa were forged.
Karda Nui (Great Heart): A clandestine temple located beneath the Heart of Artakha, guarded by Energy Hound variants. Contains four antechambers and a central chamber.

  • Northern Antechamber: the entrance to the tunnel is located at the northern foot of the Heart of Artakha. Energy Hounds possess natural camouflage and are amphibious.
  • Eastern Antechamber: the entrance to the tunnel is located at the eastern foot of the Heart of Artakha. Energy Hounds are amphibious and immune to heat.
  • Southern Antechamber: the entrance to the tunnel is located at the southern foot of the Heart of Artakha, hidden within the Temple of Ikir. Energy Hounds possess enhanced speed and natural camouflage, and are immune to heat.
  • Western Antechamber: the entrance to the tunnel is located at the western foot of the Heart of Artakha. Energy Hounds possess natural camouflage and are immune to the cold.
  • Chamber of Life: a circular chamber located beneath the magma of the Heart of Artakha. Contains a deep chasm within the very center, leading to the resting place of Mata Nui. Guarded by Umbra. Energy Hounds are immune to energy.
  • Well of Time @RAKRONDEWL: a pool of primordial essence at the bottom of the Chamber of Life, with various portals to other dimensions surrounding it. Said to be the resting place of former Toa.

Red Star: A satellite to Mata Nui’s Coffin that glows a crimson red from excessive amounts of raw energy. Home of Ekimu and birthplace of the Kal.

Future Artifacts/Items/Technology/Tools

Bohrok @JediTimeLord824: helper robots to the Matoran.
Bohrok-Kal (concept in progress): exosuits used for various functions and occupations. Rarity of resources makes them scarce in number.
Cryoshells/Nautali @Oomatu @Phoenix(mentioned by Oomatu) : chambers used to generate more Matoran with two parents.
Rahkshi Masks of Monsters @Ragdoll: used to transform Matoran into Rahkshi.
Vahki: prototype robotic units built by Nuparu; adept at various tasks. Origin options below:

  1. Nuparu’s Traveling Tinkershop
  2. Kulta’s Bionic Army @Toa_Vladin

Are all those characters matoran here?

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Well, I have this topic bookmarked. Interested to see where this goes. And I’m really glad Vezon has a place in this; he’s one of my favorite G1 characters.

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@JediTimeLord824: This is essentially just a collection of potential material for the TTV. Any suggestions posted below, with or without links to another topic, will be added to the initial post with a link and the name of the person who created it. Just to clarify, this isn’t canonized, so a lot of this might not make it in.

Anyway, feel free to come up with stuff :slight_smile:


Well, @Bokarda. I have another thing to add.
Here you go: The Federation of Fear. It possibly gives Roodaka, Sidorak, and Vezon bigger roles in the story.

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Added to the list.

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You’ve collected a lot of cool ideas here. Not all fit for the current canon, I think, but very interesting.


It’s mainly just a brainstorming topic. The TTV doesn’t have to use every single part of this (even though that would be amazing :grin:), but they could pick and choose what they like.

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I was just rereading some of the information when I noticed that Colossi are minifigures. I think the Colossi should be the type of figure shown below. What do you think @Bokarda?

LDD Hydraxon build (note the big torso piece isn’t in LDD and he would require a new head mold).


@RAKRONDEWL: Just to preface, I had pictured the Colossi to be closer to Onua’s size (Axonn would actually use Onua’s body, Hydraxon would use Woody legs and longer arms, Brutaka would use a combination of Woody legs and Garmadon’s custom torso, etc.)

That being said, I REALLY like this design, and I think that (if the TTV ever introduce this) this would work very well! Maybe the Energy Hounds would be custom-made since they’re Rahi (although I love the design for Spinax here).

Good job :smiley:!

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Yes, I could see that working extremely well as well.[quote=“Bokarda, post:13, topic:38012”]
Maybe the Energy Hounds would be custom-made since they’re Rahi (although I love the design for Spinax here).
I was thinking all the Rahi would be brick built with a few molded pieces when needed.

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I could see that. Maybe a custom torso and head, while the limbs and extra details are brick-based?

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Exactly. Kind of like a Lloyd’s mech dragon from the Lego Ninjago Movie but on a smaller scale.

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I’ve just made Colossi (now renamed Kal) its own topic.