Kal (Giants) in Brickonicle [Characters][Worldbuilding][Pitch][Non-Canon]

The following is NOT canonized by the TTV. Anything listed serves as potential material for the TTV, if they ever want to use any of it. Anything they reject outright (assuming any of them read this) will be labeled Non-Canon.

The Heirarchy of Beings by @RAKRONDEWL:

This post was originally in my Brickonicle in the Future megathread, but it took too much space in the initial post. Now, it will be here for the sake of space and a better discussion regarding the concept. Keep in mind that none of this is canon. The name of this race is subject to change.

TL;DR (for @IllustriousVar @Jon @Mesonak): This pitch introduces the idea that the Brothers created gigantic guardians and enforcers to keep the Matoran and the Elemental Gods (Nuva) in check. When the War of the Brothers began, the Kal served as warriors on both sides, causing widespread havoc across Artakha and killing many Matoran. The Toa were then summoned to end the War, resulting in almost all of the Kal being slain before the Brothers were vanquished.

##Kal Precursors
Beings created by the Brothers prior to the formation of the world (Mata Nui’s Coffin). Telepathic. Adaptive biology, including superior regenerative healing and mutation abilities. Immune to disease, poison, age, and the vacuum of space. Possess near-transcendent intelligence; capable of “manipulating” probability.

Annona: eldest and most powerful of the Brothers’ creations. The embodiment of destruction, chaos, and secrecy. Possesses an innate connection to darkness and shadow. Able to produce offspring on her own. Images by @RAKRONDEWL:
Shadowed One Form

Sealed by Mata Nui within the Sun prior to the Great Rebellion.

  • Marendar (The Void Hunter): clandestine offspring and servant to Annona. Immune to elemental energy and mental-based powers. Able to track elemental energy and siphon it from source. Same build as Onua.
  • Morbuzakh: offspring and servant to Annona. Comprised of a black-green swarm of arboreal and tentacle-like appendages. Capable of self-replication through seed pods; possesses hive-mind. Possesses anti-venomous properties within blood. Empowered/healed by heat and fire; damaged/weakened by cold and ice.
  • Skrall (species) (idea by @RAKRONDEWL): humanoid beings spawned from mutated seed pods produced by Morbuzakh. Corrupted by Annona’s and Tren Krom’s shadows. Separated into various breeds:
  • Monarch: Kal-sized physique. Possess superior strength, intelligence, and endurance. Few in number.

  • Elite: slightly smaller than Monarchs. Possess superior strength and intelligence, and are charged with protecting the Monarchs.
  • Warrior: Matoran-sized. Possess Elite-level strength, but drastically reduced intelligence. Most numerous.
  • Psion: all-female breed. Possess telekinesis.
  • Tren Krom (Maw of the Depths) (honorific added by @Oomatu): offspring and servant to Annona. Comprised of a red swarm of tentacle appendages. Capable of body-swapping. Creator and original wielder of the Mask of Shadows, using it to shroud himself in darkness, allowing him to generate telekinetic shadows and clones/shadow leeches (and swap places with them), cloud others’ vision and mind and drain one’s inner light.
    Concept Art by @Oomatu

    LDD Model by @Celemimphar:

Kal (name by @JediTimeLord824)

Beings created by the Brothers to act as guardians and emissaries to the Matoran. Physical superiority to Matoran, with immunity to mind-control (built-in warning to feign complete control near Makuta) and death relating to age, disease, or poison. Transform into stone upon death. Able to wield raw energy. Comparable power to a Toa. Divided into four groups: Ekimites, Karzahnians, Makutans, and Exiles.
During the War of the Brothers, many Kal were slain in battle, both by the Toa and their own kin, until only a few remained.

##Ekimites (Hand of Artakha)
Servants of Ekimu. Image by @RAKRONDEWL:

Axonn (The Arbiter | The First Champion): noble; former Makutan. Retains his Mask of Truth (Rode) to properly extract information from the inhabitants. Inspiration for the Arbiters’ Kritarchy in Naho; revered. Image by @RAKRONDEWL:

Botar (The Bounty Hunter): second-in-command to Hydraxon. Wears the Kualsi (Mask of Teleportation). Able to bind individuals with solidified energy. Slain by Makuta in the Deeproot Jungle during the War of the Brothers.
Image pending

Brutaka (The Messenger | The Second Champion): courier. Retains the Mask of Dimensional Gates (Olmak) to teleport and travel between worlds. Image by @RAKRONDEWL:

Hydraxon (The Warden): Former ruler of the sea; warden for prison where Karzahni is held. Wields the Mask of Repair (Kiril) to repair damage done to the prison and reinforce it. Amphibious. Immune to heat; immunity to water damage and pressures of the deep sea. Image by @RAKRONDEWL:

Jerbraz (The Ghost): silent watcher of Matoran society. Wears the Huna (Mask of Invisibility). Fell to his death in Kanae during the War of the Brothers.
Image pending

Johmak (The Unbreaking): Able to split her body and reform at will. Slain by Kith’alh at the Heart of Artakha during the War of the Brothers.
Image pending

Keetongu (The Sage): Sage residing in Tiro. Wields the Mask of Healing to regenerate self and others from damage and cure the most deadly and unnatural of diseases and poisons. Can sense a being’s spiritual alignment. Completely mute, voluntary. Revered in Tiro. Nemesis of Roodaka. Image by @RAKRONDEWL:

Tobduk (The Berserker): passionate warrior. Able to feed off of anger to grow stronger. Slain by Sidorak’s Visorak Horde in the Deeproot Jungle during the War of the Brothers.
Image pending

Trinuma (The Orator): spokesperson and ambassador for the Ekimites to the Makutans and Matoran societies. Wears the Mask of Charisma to influence others’ thoughts and decisions. Slain by Makuta in Mangai during the War of the Brothers.
Image pending

Umbra (The Pure | The Guardian): Clandestine guardian and caretaker of Mata Nui’s heart, Karda Nui. Wields the Mask of Light (Avohkii) to signify purity of heart. Can sense a being’s spiritual alignment. Empowered and aggravated by spiritual darkness within nearby individuals. Immune to energy. Nemesis of Umarak. Images by @RAKRONDEWL:

Servants of Karzahni. Image by @RAKRONDEWL:

Due to Karzahni’s absence throughout most of the creation of the world, there are no known Karzahnians outside of converted Emanates.

Servants of Makuta. Image by @RAKRONDEWL:

Irnakk (The Nightmare) (diffused): Warrior. Original wielder of the Mask of Fusion to forcibly fuse multiple beings into a single entity or divide them into multiple entities; effects can be forcibly undone via removal of the mask. Original wielder of the Spear of Fission to willingly undo all fusions/divisions, or to forcibly divide individuals. Image by @RAKRONDEWL:

Driven insane by Karzahni, causing self-fission. Currently diffused into seven beings, which all inherit his powers:

  • Avak (The Trigger): Rebellious. Possesses enhanced vision. Highly skilled engineer; well-respected in Motara.
  • Hakann (The Bully): Cruel and unpredictable. Immune to fire and heat. Telepathic.
  • Reidak (The Tracer): Cunning and highly intelligent. Strength and endurance superior to a Toa. Highly skilled hunter. Able to track heat signatures and possesses night vision. Combat-adaptive biology.
  • Thok (Drifter): Cunning, manipulative, and solitary. Higher core temperature to adapt to cold.
  • Vezok (The Beast): Highly aggressive and paranoid. Extremely agile. Adaptive biology.
  • Zaktan (The Snake): Cruel, cunning, and enigmatic. Able to phase through obstacles.

Kulta (The Skull Grinder | The Lord of the Skulls) (idea by @Toa_Vladin, edited): Zealot. Only Kal without free will. Skeletal in appearance. Sadistic by nature. Wields the Mask of Reanimation (Tryna) to summon the corpses of the slain to fight for him. Rival of Umarak. Image by @RAKRONDEWL:

Roodaka (The Viceroy): Sidorak’s wife. Wears the Mask of Mutation to manipulate the physiology of beings to her will. Nemesis of Keetongu. Image by @RAKRONDEWL:

Sidorak (The Rahi Master): Former Ekimite Rahi Master and friend of Keetongu. Wears the Mask of Rahi Control, gifted to him by Makuta out of mutual respect; allows him to communicate with and tame Rahi with resistance or immunity to mind control. Considered the forefather of animal domestication. Image by @RAKRONDEWL:

Umarak (The Shadowed One | The Hunter | The Destroyer) (idea by @RAKRONDEWL): Leader of the Dark Hunters. Able to generate powerful barriers from raw energy. Current owner of the Mask of Shadows. Rival of Kulta. Nemesis of Umbra. Image by @RAKRONDEWL:

Vezon (The Exile): Formerly Irnakk. Rebellious, insane, nihilistic, paranoid, and possessive. Brilliant tactician. Wields the Mask of Fusion and Spear of Fission.

##Kal Emanates (idea by @RAKRONDEWL)
Rahi transformed into Kal-like creatures by Roodaka prior to the War of the Brothers.

Ekimite Emanates

  • Energy Hound (species): adaptive biology. Able to sense and track energy signatures.
    Image pending
  • Spinax (The Iron Hound): enlarged by Karzanian venom during the War of the Brothers.
  • Krahka (The Beast of the Archives): shapeshifting physiology. Highly intelligent.
    Image pending

Karzahnian Emanates: massive in comparison to other forms of Emanates, and even to most Kal.

  • Abyssion (The Giant of the Sea) @AntrozT6: aquatic; peaceful herbivore. Manta ray physiology. Very large (15 m). Possesses 15 eyes spread across its body.
  • Ancient Sea Behemoth: aquatic. Colossal size (60 m). Razor Whale/Slime-Worm hybrid physiology.
  • Cuthaxxi (species) @AntrozT6: amphibious. Possesses two strong legs, pincered tentacles for arms, shrimp-like heads, fins and tentacles for mouth. Highly intelligent; telepathic. Named in the Brothers’ Tongue.
  • Kith’alh (The Hungering Death): able to drain energy from targets for sustenance. Slain in the Deeproot Jungle during the Kanohi War.
  • V’zyxon (The Guardian of Madness): companion/servant of Karzahni.
  • Za’kaj (The Cthonic One): hibernating deep beneath Mangai.
  • Il’athrass (The Millenium-Eyed Tree) @AntrozT6: arboreal physiology; stationary. Gargantuan size. Possesses thousands of eyes throughout its body. Infected by Kratana venom. Telepathic; able to afflict victims with visions throughout all of time simultaneously. Burned and destroyed in the Deeproot Jungle during the Kanohi War.
    Image pending
  • Irarok (The Dweller in the Deep) @DarkMaestro: Aquatic. Telepathic. Slain by Kivoda in Naho Bay prior to the Suspension of Time:
  • Khambrass (The Watcher in the Abyss | The Great Temple Squid) @AntrozT6: aquatic. Very large (30 m). Highly intelligent. Possesses camouflage:
    Image pending
  • Kratana (species): aquatic. Possess venom imbued with varying visions of the future. Tied to the Mask of Alternate Futures.
    Image pending
  • Nyalathoth (The Dreaming One | The Faceless) @AntrozT6: aquatic; deep sea dweller. Leader of the Cuthaxxi. Possesses tentacle-like appendages replacing head. Possesses high intelligence; telepathic. Able to project dreams of madness into the minds of sleeping Matoran.
  • Red Crystal Serpent: amphibious. Gargantuan serpent. Possesses camouflage. Able to absorb energy and light and unleash it as a heat ray.
    Image pending
  • Zivon (The Stalker): amphibious. Gargantuan scorpion physiology. Able to blind, deafen, mute, and numb individuals with its venom.
    Image pending

Makutan Emanates

  • Bahrag (The Twin Queens): leaders of the Bohrok Swarm. Symbiotic physiologies that strengthen each other with closer proximity.
  • Cahdok (The Blue Queen): possesses long, thin antennae used for telepathy.
    Image Pending
  • Gahdok (The Red Queen): possesses short, clubbed antennae used to generate illusions.
    Image Pending
  • Bohrok (species): Matoran fused with Emanates by Irnakk. Retain their elemental power. Forced to obey the Bahrag.
    Image pending
  • Bohrok-Kal (sub-species): advanced Bohrok mutated to the size of Kal.
  • Bohrok-Va (sub-species): advanced Bohrok containing highly intelligent Matoran and highly-intelligent Emanates.
  • Kardas (The Dragon): draconic physiology; possesses wings for flight. Able to absorb kinetic energy and unleash it as a concussive force.
    Image pending

##Kal Tech
Maxilos (model): Created by Ekimu, with Hydraxon’s influence, to serve as guardian robots for the island; now guard Karzahni’s Prison. The same build as Brutaka. Capable of boiling water within their immediate environment to ward off intruders. Immune to heat; immunity to water damage and pressures of the deep sea.

##Anti-Kal Tech
Built by the First Toa to specifically combat the Kal. Powered by elemental energy; allows Toa to utilize greater amounts of elemental power through tools.
Exo-Toa: armoured, Kal-sized exoskeletons used to fight Kal on more balanced terms. Able to store excessive reserves of elemental energy for Toa to utilize, at the cost of weaker elemental potency. Able to channel Kanohi mask powers on a much greater scale. Possesses clawed piston fists. There is one Exo-Toa for each Toa, and each is built specifically for each Toa with different advantages; limited due to urgency of time:

  • Exo-Tahu: immunity to fire and heat. Possesses superior reserves of elemental energy.
  • Exo-Gali: immunity to water damage and pressures of the deep sea.
  • Exo-Lewa: light and aerodynamic frame. Possesses wings for flight.
  • Exo-Onua: super-Kal sized exoskeleton. Possesses superior offense and defense; slower movement.
  • Exo-Pohatu: Superior movement and energy efficiency. Possesses clawed hands to latch onto boulders and cliff sides.
  • Exo-Kopaka: immunity to cold. Able to drain energy from targets when in direct contact.

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Thanks :smiley:! @RAKRONDEWL did all the LDD for it.

BTW, I’m wondering whether or not I should rename the species to Kaita. Thoughts?

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So this is basicaly a index of big guys.


Pretty much, yeah


Kaita is to synonymous with Fusions. I’ve seen this idea somewhere else, can’t remember where, but you could rename it to Titans. Or, I just came up with this; the Kal.


As in Bohrok-Kal, the greater version of the Bohrok?


Correct. Little known fact, Kulta was originally going to be named Kulta-Kal.


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This is really neat. I can imagine Karzahni Prison set with Maxilos.


Maybe change this to Irnakk, to stick with canon names?

Other than that, this is cool. It just makes so much more sense for me for all of these ‘titans’ from past generations to be connected and rely on masks for powers.


Irarok was made by @DarkMaestro, so I can’t rename it. Also, I’m not sure if using Irnakk would make sense, based on the source material. Irnakk is a Skakdi, which would go better in this pitch by @Tempelbeast1.


Nothing against that pitch specifically, but I don’t like the idea of bringing in a ton of species from G1. It’s part of why I like the Kal; it takes the important individuals from a bunch of separate species and cuts out all of the extraneous stuff. We didn’t really need all of these species, especially when they were only used for one character each. And Brickonicle has done a lot of cutting, even going so far as to have the Toa and Matoran be the same species. This doesn’t feel like the same swirl of cultures like G1, and I think the number of species should match that.


I completely agree with you on cutting back on various species (some exceptions, but I can explain that later). If we were to include Irnakk, Irnakk would be the original wielder of the Mask of Fusion and would split into what we know as the Piraka… I should add that to this list now.

I disagree that the Toa and Matoran were different species in G1. I saw the Toa state as an advancement in metamorphosis of the Matoran, with Turaga acting as the final life stage. I know they were “robots,” but still.


That… that’s a really cool idea. The question becomes, what- nope, I just solved it. I was going to ask what Mask Vezon would have, but what if he was once a part of Irnakk? At some point he decided to go his own way, but retained his Mask of Fusion.

True; almost closer to evolution in Pokemon. They even use stones.



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Irnakk section updated with the Piraka


So, using @RAKRONDEWL’s base, I started making a Piraka base, which turned into a preliminary Zaktan. I’m pretty proud with how the Zamor launcher turned out.