Fenrahk: The Dweller Below [Pitch] (Worldbuilding)

Fenrahk is a giant black spider rahi living underneath Tiro. It is the largest of its species, that being the rahi “Krahka.” The spider can live for long periods of time without any sustenance due to being able to store large quantities of nutrients inside its body. However, it does surfaces from its cavern from time to time to eat any smaller rahi or beings that happen to cross its path. Yet it remains undetected. This is because of its uncanny ability to camouflage itself so it blends in with the already dark caves, as well as the shadows projected from Tiro’s massive trees.

Most Tiroans believe it to be a legend, just a scary story told to children to keep them from wandering off from their studies. Only a few unlucky beings know the truth, and most are no longer living. However, the candle head cult is aware of the creature, and they must occasionally lead lost travelers away from its domain. The leader of the cult, Vezon, is evidently a little bit crazy since he befriended the beast upon first meeting him.

Fenrahk could also work as one of the “Kal Emanates” as pitched by @Bokarda but for the purposes of this pitch he is intended to be a regular, albeit large, Rahi.


I like it but what are Krahka?

Krahka is the name of the species. Fenrakk is the specific individual’s name.

I love the idea of Vezon being a crazy cultist in this universe, even moreso that Fenrahk is worshipped as a god. Is the Krahka species ability to blend in shapeshifting like in G1 or more like a chameleon ability? Perhaps it might have a few vaguely lizard like characteristics to tie it back to Fenrahk’s transformation into the Kardas Dragon? Say, “Kardas Dragon Spider” could be the common name of the species, along the lines of the “Wolf Spider” or the “Golden Orb Weaving Spider”?