Brickonicle: Tahnok Va Attack

Name: Tahnok Va Attack
Piece Count: 107
Price: $10

The Bohrok Swarms are awakening! Onepu has found a hatching Tahnok Va, and it doesn’t come defenseless. Push the lever to hatch the Tahnok Va, shoot the 6 stud launcher to try and fend of the daring Onu-Matoran and reload using the secret supply of ammunition hidden inside the rocks.

Set Includes:

  • Onepu and Tahnok Va minifigures
  • A pickaxe and firestaff
  • 12 stud ammunition
  • Hatching function
  • Shooting function
  • Removable container for extra ammunition

This set can also combine with the set Boxor vs Nuvhok to form a larger structure.

Originally this set was a bit smaller, around 75 pieces and just contained the hatching function, but due to the contest rules, I had to bump it up to 100+ pieces, and what better way to do that than to add a stud launcher with a bunch of studs upping the parts count! In all seriousness it actually turned out pretty well for the set adding more play value and making the structure a little more substantial

Nothing really that special tbh with the figures, but I did my best with what I’ve got available. I’ve tried making custom figures before and it never really turned out great. I still think these look alright though.

I think that’s it. Second entry: Boxor vs Nuvhok, which can combine with this set is up now.


Looks pretty great! I think the functions are on point, and the fact that it can combine with that other set piece is great!

Pretty sure I said I’m posting it tomorrow in the post but, yes; I’m posting it.

Sorry, didn’t catch that bit at the end. Looking forward to it!

Very nice! The functions really make this set.

Cheap. I like it.

Nicely done! The overall structure works wonderfully with the function and makes a great usage of that egg piece.