Brickonicle: The Fourth Sister Concept [Pitch][Characters][Worldbuilding]

#Here’s a interesting idea for you!#

I was thinking about the Mask of Time, and how it seems to stand out a little bit too much.
I mean, it’s a all powerful mask, too powerful to have simply been made by the Matoran.

And then it hit me.
What if, the mask actually belonged an ancient, all powerful being, one who stood alongside the Three Brothers (We’re still going for three of them, right?)

I present to you, the pitch of Vahi, The Timekeeper, The Fourth Sister.

Boom (Magic)


I was thinking about this concept yesterday, and I love it! I actually made this post specifically because the purpose of the Mask of Time did not make sense to me, but this does.

@IllustriousVar @Jon @Eljay @Mesonak: You might want to see this. This could add on to that Lovecraftian vibe!

Edit: Although, I’m not sure if she should be all-powerful. That would imply she cannot be defeated by any means. Since she does not have possession of the mask right now, it can be assumed she has either been chased off, imprisoned, or killed.

Edit 2: Also, since she would be the only sister, she’s not the 4th sister.


It wasn’t created by the Matoran. It was created by the brothers just like the other Legendary Masks.

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That’s what the rest of the pitch is addressing.

The pitch is set up as if it is giving a new option instead of having it be made by matoran. But it wasn’t made by them, so it’s not really changing anything.

Personally, I don’t think another Great Being is needed. For now the mask is a mystery compared to the other 3, and it leaves more possibilities than just another hidden character. That’s already being done with Karzahni, so why repeat the same kind of reveal?


From what I remember the TTV talking about, they wanted to go for some kind of Lovecraftian-style mythos. Whenever the characters thought there were only so many dangers, the curtain would be pulled back.

@RAKRONDEWL suggested in my Mask of Time Purpose thread that it might have belonged to Mata Nui (Mata Nui’s not canon, and details in the thread), which is another possibility.

For this post, I think it would be interesting. Maybe Vahi could be trapped within the Mask of Time itself, and she calls out for individuals to find her?


So that can only be done by rehashing the same gimmick done in a previous season? There are plenty of ways to surprise the protagonists and still keep it different from their previous arcs. A fourth sibling isn’t bad, but when the third one is also a surprise, it just gets old.


If G3:Y1 were to do it uniquely, they could have the fragments the Toa collect consistently speak out to them in some way. The reveal wouldn’t even have to be necessary and could be kept behind the scenes, or have Easter eggs hinting to Vahi’s existence.

I don’t know how to write for TV shows, so I’m not sure how well that would work.

An extenstion to the idea of Vahi is that she sacrificed herself to stop Karzahni, and in doing so broke her mask into seven pieces- the six pieces the Toa and stuff use in the first year, and a seventh piece, hidden in the Lightning Region, and having all seven pieces could reawaken Vahi

And with the fourth sister thing, I just called it that cuz it sounds nice (but fair point) :slight_smile:

fair point

Yes! That’s what I was going along with!

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What if there is no Great Being along with the Three Brothers to wear the mask, but the mask has it’s own mind? What if Vahi is sentient, speaking to it’s wearer?

It just came across my mind, take it as an idea. It would be interesting to hear a voice that knows all of time.


I could see that over a fourth sibling. I’m not sure if they’d want a sentient mask, but it’s different from anything they have so far.

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Kinda like the Mask of Life from G1

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