Brickonicle: The Legends of Metru Nui

Brickonicle: The Legends of Metru Nui

These were designed in with custom decals made by yours truly! The background and Brickonicle text was created by u/epicninja343 on reddit.

Toa Vakama (with working Disk Launcher)

Toa Matau (Flight not possible)

Toa Nokama (Slightly photoshopped for mask effect)

Toa Onewa (Counting on your courage)

Toa Whenua (His weapons were hard to design)

Toa Nuju (Footwear not wearable on the foot)

So these guys are a redesign of my Brickonicle moc contest Great temple, but I’ve since redesigned them with custom decals and custom mask parts. These are part of the G3 Brickonicle project so I put them here, check out my old topic for a comparison.

Comments and Criticisms welcome! I hope you like them!


I legitimately wish this minifigure was real, since I need a Matau minifigure that’s not one of those weird Hordika figures…


These look amazing <3


What? Useless.

This are really sick, does the spike connection for Vakama’s disk launcher actually work in physical parts?

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I’m not sure as the parts don’t lock together easily but I think it could be possible if you removed the firing mechanism, I’d have to test it.

We’re all saddened by the minifig’s inability to fly, believe me.

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These are amazing, I love them all


Of course Matau can fly, just like his full Bionicle build. You just need to throw hard enough.


Oh I like that. I don’t know about how well those masks would fit with minifigures. Still, a cool concept nonetheless.


These look amazing!

Also did you try to use this piece for Vakama’s launcher? Would still give the ability of shooting a stud