[Brickonicle] Great Temple Of Metru-Nui

My Third entry to the brickonicle contest

“A shadow threatens the heart of Metru-Nui and Toa Lhikan cannot defeat the Dark Hunters alone, it is time to create new legends, to create new Toa.”

Name: Great Temple Of Metru Nui
Piece count: 904
Price: $90
Minifigures: 9 (7 Toa plus 2 Dark Hunters)


  • Detachable mask, Toa stone and Toa armour
  • Mask and weapon storage on suva
  • Launch-able statue
  • Bridge launch platform

Lhikan collects the Toa stones

“The Last Toa!”

Lhikan looks cornered! Or is he?

“Water is for whimmmmps” - Lhikan, probably

The chosen matoran approach the Great Suva

Place the stones into the slots

Open the storage to get the great Toa masks of power

Store the new Toa’s weapons in the suva
(Yeah I know that Onewa and Vakama’s weapons don’t fit but if lego were to make this, I’m sure the parts would be able to fit)

Close up on Lhikan’s board
(again the weapons need to be official pieces that are designed specifically for this)

All the minifigs in their tiny glory

This is my most expensive entry so far, few functions but I wanted to go for minifigures and set design. The suva was a ridiculous challenge to design, I wanted to implement the feature that it raises and have the weapons concealed in the floor but that didn’t work with the mask storage and the storage was much easier and smaller to construct. Nidhiki was a fun build, I’ve seen some similar build on the boards but I wanted him smaller and more to scale with my Toa designs. The Toa all do have the same mask, yes I know, but I looked at other helmets and they don’t work with the armour and I need that armour on them. Krekka was… Well, he’s the Krekka of minifigs.

As always, comments and criticism are always welcome but please don’t criticise and issue if I’ve explained it in the description (like the masks).

Good luck to the rest of the rest of you guys :smiley:


I feel like some things (like the bridge and brick-built mask) aren’t necessary, primarily due to the lack of functions.

I do really like the idea of having the toa suva open up and provide the matoran/toa Metru with armor and masks; I just think overall that the set could needs to have more functionality so each of the parts does something.

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I’m sorry, but $90? Now, maybe it’s just me, but this should maybe $30. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s good, but this is way too small for $100.

There are some serious issues with Eljay’s current pricing rules.

That being said, I do like it. It looks like something I would’ve bought back in the day, or, well, if it weren’t for the price.

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Not really, for lego standards; price depend on the size and/or mold used on the set.
From the set apperance, it would be a bare $75 tbh. (but $90 is reasonable for the 9 figures)

I like the center and statue, but the bridge is very bare and having 6 plain pillar separated just look plain unsatisfying.


Interesting scene to convey in brick form. I like how the Suva and Nidhiki and Krekka came out.

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The price is rather high and the bridge does inflate the price I suppose, the Suva was the centrepiece of the set but I wanted to add a little more life to it. Thanks for the feedback :smile:

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Eh, this is really good but really odd. The mini figures are great, Nidhiki and Krekka look surprisingly a lot like the real thing, but the fact that nothing is actually attached together takes away a lot from everything. Also the fact that the bridge wouldn’t be that close to the Toa Suva (at least, I think) is also not helping.