OFFICIAL: Brickonicle Contest #2 Winners

Welcome! Making this topic for the purpose of discussing our winners for the 2nd TTV MOC Contest.

The winners, as shown in the thumbnail, are:

#1st Place: Attack on Ta Koro by @BricksOfAwesome
###2nd Place: The Nui Rama Invade Le-Koro by @AIDY_the_BOOKLE
####3rd Place: Nui-Jaga Nest Battle by @ReeseEH

Runner ups:
Le-Koro Raid by @Plural
Kaita Team Wairuha v.s. Teridax by @Brickpiler
Great Temple Of Metru-Nui by @Kardax
Bahrag Cavern Battle by @VelociJACKtor
Tahu Master vs Loss by @Darknova3529
Manas Attack by @Plural
81930 Onu-Koro by @Tora
Piraka Studio by @Square
Gali vs. Tarakava by @Alex_Twenty_Two
Kini-Nui Strike by @smeezle_deezle
Boxor vs Nuvhok by @BricksOfAwesome
Lewa’s Jungle Speeder by @CM4Sci
City of the Mask Makers by @CM4Sci
Showdown in Le-Koro by @MrJoeBoto

Thanks to all that entered! We had a great time looking over and discussing a bunch of amazing entries, and we hope to talk more about them publicly in the near future!


Congratulations to the winners!

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I find it odd that you made 2 of Plural entries separate while CM4Sci is fused together.
The 2th and 3rd winner was unexpected and users expected me to be one of them-

While I have been negative to my first entire, it was relatively 'fun.

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Although the 2nd and 3rd winners were more than unexpected (FAR from terrible entries, but I kind of grew to expect that some of the larger mega models were going to win), I think the ones chosen look amazing.

Congrats to the winners and here’s hoping BRICKONICLE 2 will be a thing in the near future!


Comparatively CM4Sci had a more consistent theme.

Plurals not so much.

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Congratulations to the winners and to all who participated. You all showed just how well BIONICLE could work as a system theme and it was great seeing the amazing entries.

With the amount of entries, I’m just suprised no one came up with this design for Lewa Master:

I mean the resemblance is impeccable.


Speaking of consistent theme…

The top 3 winners are not just only G1, but all based around the Mata Nui Island which is niche to think about (and relatively cannon). Not trying to call TTV bias, but this lack on “some” variety outside of the Runner Ups.

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The three entries do in fact share a common thread and it was very much a part of our discussion when the winners were decided.


Congrats to the winners! I enjoyed all of the entries and I’m glad I got to be a part of it.

Congratulations, everyone! You guys must have had a really tough time deciding.

Dang, I did not expect to win with that… Well, congratulations to all the other winners!

I’m actually really surprised that CM4Sci and/or Square didn’t win anything…

Also, as a side note, you may also pronounce my username as “Reese E H” as Reese eh sounds kinda funny :stuck_out_tongue:


Congratulations to the winners! I’m surprised with some of them but all the ones I though would win or at least be mentioned are here. I’d love another contest like this in the future :slight_smile:

Con rats to the winners, and at least now I now going to disassemble my failing MOC.

Congrats to all winners and runners-up! That Ta Koro build throughly deserved first place.

I’m a little surprised at your choice for second place - not to take anything away from the builder as it’s a very nice creation, but I think some of the other entrants (especially @CM4Sci) did a better job of creating feasible sets.

Looking forward to the next contest!


Congratulations to all the winner, you guys deserve it. :+1:

Hm. Not gonna lie but I’m surprised by your choices. I honestly thought me and Square did better. I expected his Dark Portal entry to at least place…

But thanks, Eljay for hosting this! It helped me get the feel of making custom boxes and sets for a theme again like I’ve done before, so I got that out of this! Maybe the reason I didn’t win was because I entered a contest of which I didn’t know much about the source material. My fault.

Maybe next time.

Oh and congrats to the winners!


Congrats to the winners!

These were well chosen entries for the top 3, and though there were a couple I was surprised didn’t make 2nd and 3rd, it’s nice to see they at least got honorable mentions.


I’ll bet judging was a chore. There were a lot of good entries.

Thanks for making my entry an honorable mention! You know, I feel I would have had a shot at third if LDD wasn’t allowed. I was not expecting 2nd or 3rd place to be what they were, but I knew what first place was going to be when I saw the entry. Hats off to you @BricksOfAwesome, you did a phenomenal job!