Broken Phones

How badly has your phone broke? This happened to me the other week.


Funny how I have an Ipod 2nd generation and it doesn’t have a single scratch on it.

my phone just has a tiny scratch that goes through the full screen, but it’s almost unoticeable

Dude. That looks exactly like my phone. Well except for the cracks.

Ive had phones randomly die on me… very painful.



That looks like my old LG Volt.

My phone has never really broken. When I dropped my old phone (it was a really old phone) the back would pop off and the battery would come out, but I would just put it back together and it would be fine.

I guess there was one time where I thought I messed up my screen. I left my school ID next to my screen for half the day and it looked really scratched. Turned out that I just hadn’t taken off the crappy screen protector it came with.

Other than that, I’ve practically thrown my phone across the room on accident (I can be very clumsy) and it’s still just fine. Hooray for good cases.

I had a phone that’s cracked in the upper corner.

My sister on the other hand…

The protective screen on my phone has a minor scratch, but nothing all too severe.

Not quite a phone, but many years ago I had this MP3 player I really liked.

It completely stopped working after a week. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was so heartbroken that I needed to grieve for a little while before I could replace it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve only had a single phone my entire life, which I got last year unexpectedly. Thankfully, I haven’t even scratched the screen.

You should get a better case.

My phone case is basically a giant brick.

it also has a stand

I’ve dropped my phone on purpose from great heights and it’s fine.

It wasn’t the case, I’ve dropped my phone down the stairs (same one) and it was fine. By chance, right as Eastern Hemisphere (basically history), it fell right on the corner of the leg of the table.

I have never broke a phone, but my tablet battery died…

Btw, is anyone else going to post pictures of their broken or completely wrecked phones?

Might be a little tricky when they would ordinarily use those same phones to take those pictures… :grin:

On-topic, I’ve somehow never broken a screen. Phone, laptop, or otherwise. Hearing other people’s tales of woe, though, I guess I must be supremely lucky in that regard.

I broke a friend’s phone, right after he bragged it was unbreakable, we had a good chuckle at that

Sigh, he’s gone for a week and we’re acting like it’s the end of the world lol

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I have’nt had a phone massively break on me yet, despite lacking a protective case. It did however get a random scratch in the glass which i am unaware of the cause.

Just saying that this can occasionally disrupt the inner circuitry or cause minor interior damage that will spread if repeased - so becareful with that :stuck_out_tongue:

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I dropped a hand-me-down 3gs (no cell service) that had a replacement screen and the screen just fell out and the digitizer stopped working. Seriously RIP that thing.