Brotherhood of Makuta Community Project: Makuta Antroz

Species: Makuta
Gender: Male
Group affiliations: The Brotherhood of Makuta
Status: Deceased

Antroz led the Makuta into Karda Nui, where a large “Final Battle” for the Codrex was held. The toa came out of the battle victorious, with a harsh energy storm destroying all of the Makuta in the swamp, including Antroz.

Now, onto the revamp!
Normal shot

Action Shot

With Radiak attached

In flight with Radiak

Next to Radiak

Size comparison with Umerak the Hunter

@Gilahu, you’re welcome! :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice. The chicken-legs work surprisingly well here. While I think adding them would make this too similar to the actual set I prefer the original wings and talon blades. Great work overall.

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I really considered adding those, but couldn’t find the talons and thought the same way you did!

Thanks! :smile:


Very similar to the original set, but definetely not bad looking. I feel like you could have gone for a more custom look, but as I said, this looks good, so yeah.
I really like the wings themselves, although they look a little bit too skeletal compared to the rest of Antroz. The leg design also suits him quite well.

What you should change, though is this:

It was the Energy Storm that killed the Makuta, not the Toa.

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I thought I wrote that! I guess not! Well, I fixed it! :smile:

Nah, the only Makuta who refused to flee was Gorast. Krika and Icarax already were dead, Mutran died examining the Energy Storm, Bitil was killed fleeing because he wasn’t fast enough and Chirox, Antroz and Vamprah couldn’t flee because they were blinded by Matoro’s use of the Ignika.

I know that’s nitpicking, but just cut this:


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Nice, I like the chicken legs and style of his wings, they fit well with him.

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Those chicken legs are an interesting build, I love the skeletal wings. They help add to the undead vibe I always get from makuta sets, due to their creepy, bony appearance.
The new claw/blades are cool and look dangerous. Man is he tall

Your welcome

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No, it’s not a nitpick! Thanks again! :smile:

@Stoax and @DiamondKing, thanks! :smile:

Really nice. Chicken legs look great with Antroz, and I really enjoy the look of the wings. One little nitpick for the wings though is that they’re very skeletal, so if you can maybe find a way to fill them in somehow. But it’s not much of a problem, it actually looks great on him. I kind of just negated my nitpick… hmm… 9.9/10


Why do I feel like there’s already a BMCP Antroz? I don’t know…

I like how it feels like the original set. He fits in well with Rediak. The wings are cool, but they look useless for flying! Maybe change back to the original wings or get some red cloth and fill these ones!

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Because someone wanted to do Antroz, but said he couldn’t, allowing me to do so! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I really like this Antroz. He looks so much eviler than the mutated form, so I guess that makes sense.

I just wish the actual set was this cool. :frowning:

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