Brotherhood of Makuta community project :Makuta Kidrov

Back with a new MOC,now my entry for @Gilahu 's Brotherhood of Makuta community project. Hakuna Makuta!

So let’s go with the backstory: (I give thanks to @Gilahu)

Kidrov was a Rahi creator and assigned by Miserix to monitor Rahi populations in the mid-southern regions of the universe, eventually also being assigned to Nurai.
He specialized in creating all kinds of Rahi mounts - most noticeably all those used by the Brotherhood.
Some time after the Great Cataclysm Kidrov was dispatched to the island of Tevanin to smother a rebellion against the Brotherhood led by a group of Toa. While in the end the operation was successful, he died in the fighting there.

Name: Kidrov
Kanohi: Mask of Rahi Controll
Assigned region: Nurai
Status: Deceased

Thank you,CC appreciated , have a nice day!


He’s pretty darn cool!

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Could you maybe take a photo from the front without the cape? It is hard to see the whole torso. Solid MOC though!

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Nothing too special going on, but looking pretty decent. Still really like the look of that cape + the shoulder spikes when viewed from the front.

Could you provide a front-view picture of Kidrov without any parts of the MOC cut off, though?


What I need from you is a) the name of the island Kidrov was assigned to and b) his mask power.

So - add a complete front-view picture and those two backstory things, then you’re good.

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I think he looks great, aside maybe the shoulders. Nice job!

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It’s annoying how similar it looks to my entry I was going to put up tomorrow.

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Thanks to all, @Ahkmou here you go:

@Monopoly you are somehow right, much because of the mask


And the chest armour choice.

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Just know I didn’t want to copy you, I made this MOC before you showed us the final version

I know. It’s just a coincidence.

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Alright, that’s it then. MOC accepted, thanks for participating!