Brotherhood of Makuta: Kraiden and Teridax

kanohi: tryna
status: dead

Kraiden was always quick on her feet, and wings, an excellent assassin for the brotherhood, she joined teridax during the rebellion not because she agreed with his ideas, but because she knew who was going to win,
still, that didn't stop teridax from betraying her once she was no longer needed.

Kanohi: Kraahkan
status: dead(?)

you all know Teri, no need for a bio.

(I cannot be bothered with setting up backdrops anymore.)

I'm surpised that I'm the only one who works tubes into my makuta designs considering they're gaseous beings.


Could you take pics of the first guy with GG in the background? Its kinda hard to make sense of where the MOC ends and Grievous begins.

Lookin' good.

Kraiden: 7/10. Without context, she is eh.
Maky Teri: 10/10. A+. 100%. Top Notch.

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Sorry 'bout that.


She's cool I'm not exactly a MOCist so its better than what I could do.

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Ooh. That's a fairly impressive Teridax there.

If I remember correctly, these are supposed to be their "original forms" as in, before they became gaseous beings. But it sure would be fun to try incorporating some pipes into Rerekei.

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Ok, let's see ...


  • simple, but nice looking build
  • love those tubes from torso to legs
  • I like the wings
  • leg armor is good looking (isn't it mainly Jango Fett?) but could be more customized
  • backstory could be a little bit fleshed out


  • his staff looks a bit jumbled
  • his back could use some dark metallic pieces (you, know, like the front)
  • his head seems a bit small
  • nice torso and leg build
  • good resemblance of the 2003 Teridax we all know

Overall, I think I like Kraiden more than Teridax, but that's probably due to me not liking big titanic MOCs that much. Both look very good and fitting to be Makuta.

You're not the only one using tubes for Makuta! I used some on my Makuta Kindrix (though not as much, as you).

Oh, and thanks for participating in the Brotherhood Project! It really benefits from your MOCs!

Those "original forms" thing refers mostly to "not mutated or stuff". Everything else is up to the imagination. :wink:

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I agree.

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Seems that Teridax has hit the weight-room.


My Antroz revamp had tubes on it

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Welp now I gotta revamp my Jsasx MOC with tubes :laughing:
As for he MOCs
They are both great and I literally agree with this:

Yes teridax is the best! This is the

Kraiden looks pretty cool, the tubes actually make sense

Teridax looks awesome, just his head is tiny and his staff looks a bit jumbled

Kraiden looks good, although a bit small.

Teridax, what can I say? That thing looks amazing.

They both look a little cluttered. :stuck_out_tongue:
Otherwise, I really like these! They've both got nice flows to them!

Looks great! 10/10 :smile:

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