Brotherhood of Makuta MOCs Collection [Magna Stories]

Here I go again with, well, not so good designs. Anyway, let me present you, Makuta’s army! Well to be more precise, an alternate Teridax’ army. The Teridax we know is dead, naturally, after the Great Battle. But this doesn’t mean, that an alternate Teridax won’t seize the opportunity to rule a planet, after he failed his initial plan?

This is everything part of the Magna Stories, and will certainly reappear through different media(comics, even videos, posters). I also copied all descriptions I wrote on my blog here.

So here I go

Makuta’s Army

Makuta himself

Long believed to be dead, Makuta Teridax appeared from nowhere. In reality, the Teridax of this universe died during the Great Battle. A gate from an alternate universe opened, and another Makuta Teridax used the occasion to enter this universe and to finish what the dead Makuta started. Too weak to fight, he built an entire fortress underground to build up his army. To be sure that someone will lead his army while replenishing his power, he created a being called Azolok, loyal servant to Teridax. He would lead the new built army to conquer Spherus Magna.
Many Agori, impressed by the mighty Teridax, join his cause and become his loyal servants. Will the Toa and Glatorian defeat Teridax, and save the people of Spherus Magna?

Commander Azolok

Azolok is a real killing machine, and the best tactician there is in Makuta’s army. As powerful as many Toa combined, Azolok managed to kill at least three Toa, one of them is Helryx(or he thinks he has, Helryx is not dead yet). His scythe can shoot shadow bolts and his right arm can toss his enemies apart. Makuta Teridax created Azolok, because he needed a good commander for his army. Azolok aslo commands the Shadow Agori, which decided to join Makuta’s cause. Teridax still fears that Azolok might overthrow him, but his loyalty towards Makuta is infallible.


The Rahkshi are Makuta’s loyal servants. After the Reformation, only a handful existed. With the appearance of the alternate Teridax, the Rahskhi gathered together and headed towards Makuta’s fortress. There are many types of different Rahkshi. The most common now is the black Rahshi with his “Hunger” power. They are front line soldiers and they are the worst enemy to encounter for any non-warrior being.


Fohrok have a very similar appearance to Bohrok, but they obey only one true master, Makuta Teridax. Unlike the Rahkshi, Fohrok aren’t used as front line soldiers, but more like a destructive defense force. They have long range sensors, which makes every approach a deadly one. They can be found in enemy territory, but also in strategically important routes. They have already killed many villagers and the countryside villagers fear everyday to get attacked by one of them. The only type in existence is “Concealment”.


The new version of Vahki are now Makuta’s main air force. The only Vahki type is “Air”, thus, it is normal to see them only in the air. They are used as recon machines, or to track down aerial vehicles. One division was responsible for a passenger plane crash. Lewa, Kongu, Le-Matoran aswell as Agori have all been equiped with JP-31 jetpacks, so that they can fight in the air against the Vahki.


Exo-Toa are one of Makuta’s main tank unit. They have a robust build, but are very slow. Their disk launchers and their claws make a perfect combination between long range and short range weaponry. One Toa managed to capture one, and use it as its own Exo-Toa, Filni, the Toa of Air. Some of them were used during raids, but most of them are often destroyed, or deactivated. They are also used as Makuta’s fortress’ main guards.

Giant Mech

The Giant is surprisingly one of Nuparu’s invention. It was planned to use it as a merchandise transporter, to lift heavy boxes, and even as engineering assistance(for tall buildings for example).
But Makuta saw the opportunity to steal the blueprints and to conceive his own army of Giants. Five of them once attacked Tajun, but it was saved thanks to Nuparu’s “Warmachine” prototype. They are still in production, and the Turaga fear, that New Atero will be the next target.

Matoran for scale on the left

Agori Sbires/Shadow Agori

Nobody thought that Agori and Glatorian would voluntarily join Makuta’s cause. Some did. A large number of Agori were impressed by Makuta’s might and they saw him as a new “leader” for Spherus Magna. Agori Sbires, also called “Shadow Agori”, are more powerful than their counterparts, because Teridax transformed them into more robust warriors. They are equipped with a laser gun, and an elemental sword(there are different types depending on the Agori’s initial element). They act as a special force for Teridax’ plans, and many have already terrorized entire cities.

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These are great! The Giant Mech’s legs look a little thin, though.

His lower legs are actually more large, but since you can’t see them, it is rather difficult to rate. Sorry.

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Expertly taken pictures!? That’s dedication!

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The last one is pretty cool