Brotherhood of Makuta: Uloki

Male Makuta, he always enjoyed making dangerous Rahi. He is rumored to have created the Sand Screamer, though this is unproven. He continuously challenged himself to make more dangerous Rahi, until the other Makuta feared him and he worked on his own on a small island connected to Destral. Eventually, some Makuta was sent to check on him and found him dead. Theories fly as to what killed him, but everyone is certain the Rahi is still alive somewhere. …
name: Uloki
Mask: mask of esp (allows you to see a few seconds into the future.)
Region: none (he died before they were assigned.)
Status: dead

Back shop.

Epic pose!

He has a spiked whip and a lightstone rifle.
My first MOC on the boards, so c&c welcome.



this your first time? MOCcing I mean

That seems more frightening than useful.

I should also mention that whilst yellow is a good colour, it seems out of place here, despite being the primary colour of this MOC.

Ok, let’s do it quick:

  • pics could be a bit better
  • I feel like the Makuta could be fleshed out a bit more
  • I like the feet, although the white parts should perhaps be swapped out with black ones
  • lower back of the torso is nice, but upper back could use a bit more armor or something, those claws don’t look like much there
  • proportions are good

Oh, and perhaps flesh out his backstory a bit, too. :wink:

Anyways, thanks for participating!

My first serious MOC. I’ve done some revamps before.

The mask would be useful in certain situations, and he can turn it off too.

I used white on the feet because that was the only color I had. The back story could be better, I agree.

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Do you mean Sand Screamer?

Right, thanks.

Shoulders could be wider, but it is a fine moc.