Brotherhood of Makuta vs other Brotherhoods

Round 1: The entire Brotherhood of Makuta and their armies vs the Assassin Brotherhood (Assassins Creed). Battle takes place at Masyaf. This will be every assassin from the games timeline.

Round 2: The entire Brotherhood of Makuta and their armies vs the Brotherhood of Steel (Fallout). Battle takes place in the Capitol Wasteland. This will be every Brotherhood of Steel member in America combined to defend the Pentagon.

Round 3: The entire Brotherhood of Makuta and their armies vs the Brotherhood of Mutants (Marvel comics). Battle takes place on Genosha. Everyone who was at one time a member of the Brotherhood of Mutants will be present.

Bonus round: All the Brotherhoods from rounds 1-3 will be assaulting Artidax.


I don’t know much of anything about any of these three groups, but what would they gain by assaulting Artidax? Its only noteworthy inhabitant was Makuta Miserix, and he’s free now.

I assume you were thinking of Destral, the Brotherhood of Makuta’s floaty base of operations? (does it move around or am I misremembering that?)

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Yes Destral is what I was thinking of. Don’t know why I put Artidax.

I am by no means knowledgeable on any of these but bionicle. That said, the makuta are potentially really op. They can pretty much just be invincible whenever they feel like it.

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Brotherhood of Makuta vs Sicilian Mafia


Yeah, 90% of the Brotherhood of Mutants is invalidated by the Makuta, who have far superior mental capabolities to most of marvel’s cast, and would also literally look down on most everyone. If they weren’t toying around, and only fighting, the Makuta are the painfully clear victors.

Also, Brotherhood of steel is a complete pushover to the Makuta and Assassin Brotherhood is such a nonthreat I don’t see why they’re included.


The Brotherhood of Makuta would win everyone of them because of their intelligence and superior power


You forgot the Brotherhood of Nod;

They’ve got an army big enough to wage global war, in addition to stealth, flame, laser, subterranean combat, hallucinogenic, mecha, and tiberian tech.

At the very least they can overwhelm the Makuta by sheer numbers.

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Besides anything related to Bionicle, I know next to nothing about the other brotherhoods. However, I think it’s safe to say that the Brotherhood of Makuta would crush all of them.


Doubtful… If the Brotherhood of Nod can use a disconnected military, so can the Brotherhood of Makuta.

And have you seen the Brotherhood’s army? Massive amounts of Manas, a near endless supply of Rahkshi, Corrupted Toa, mercenaries, and 100 Makuta all with 42 Rahkshi powers plus shadow - You’d need to be specifically tailored to counter what they can throw at you.

Plus, the Brotherhood of Nod fights almost exclusively with technology, while the Makuta fight with actual powers. If we’re talking Makuta with canonized masks, you’ve got a whole number of different ways they could rip you to pieces.

If the Brotherhood of Nod was sending their armies after the Makuta alone, there’s a slim possibility that they could win. However, add in the Makuta’s armies, and the battle is over.


94 at most by the time they became malevolent; and as I remember it close to only the ones that got named by the end of the story.

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If we’re comparing the Brotherhood of Nod in its prime, we’re comparing the Makuta in their prime.

on the downside to that, they wouldn’t have any corrupted Toa at this point.

on the upside to that, the Toa of the universe would be willing to work with them.

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Well, I wouldn’t rule out Chirox or Mutran doing something evil on the side, but prior to the convocation they almost all had personal Toa team bodyguards.

according to BIOsector the Toa Hagah teams were not formed until after the convocation.

Really? That’s bizarre.

Pre-convocation gives us access to Miserix as well as the full 99 others. Post convocation gives us 94 Makuta and hundreds of Toa Hagah. So I’d say post convocation was the Brotherhood’s prime.

I mean, depending on which game you’re talking about they kinda are in some ways, particularly in C&C 3. A good portion of the tech was designed to take out walkers and mechs, which are very similar to the MU inhabitants, so similar tactics could be employed.

Not to mention, the stealth tech alone would be particularly effective, even with kanohi like the Rode, especially since the Rahi and Rahkshi wouldn’t be able to detect them. I don’t recall if kanohi like the Rode eliminate the illusion, or just allow the user to see through it. Same with the hallucinogenic weapons like the Confessor’s grenades or the Redeemer’s Rage generator.

Barring toa of Earth, and maybe Rahkshi of density control, the aged but workable subterranean tech of Tib war 2 would be pretty effective as well.

They’ve got mecha that could probably go toe-to-toe with toa or rahkshi, such as the Aavtar/purifier, or the Redeemer for something big like Manas Ko, or the Dark Hunters, especially since both are AI controlled by a neigh-sapient AI, as opposed to a pilot.

And of course, there’s the good old wild-card that is Tiberium. Who knows it’s effects on the organics of Toa nd Mercinaries, if it can get through the armor to the Kraata (Tib tipped bullets or missiles would be the easiest), and the effects on the Makuta would most likely minimal, other than perhaps eating away the armor, winning a final victory even if the Brotherhood lost the fight.

If nothing else, make a giant liquid T bomb and flatten the entire army.

Obviously, this is from the destruction of Temple Prime, which had an entire refining facility’s worth of the stuff in it, so not near as much would be needed.

EDIT: Not to mention, gaseous T is extremely corrosive, eating through tanks in mere minutes. Not sure how it would fare against protosteel, but I would imagine it would be effective against the armies.

That’s not what I mean. How do you counter a Toa going Nova?

Yes, but it’s very likely the Makuta could. Their abilities for area manipulation are second to none in the MU.

Interesting thing, if a few of the Makuta worked together, they could trap large portions of the armies in utter darkness, with no proper sense of orientation. Makuta have a wide arsenal for confusing their opponents, but does the Brotherhood of Nod have any protection against 100 Makuta using Level 7 Fear Kraata?

The fact that you can put a power cap on the Mana Ko shows you don’t know the matchup very well. Their maximum capability (or anything close) has never been shown anywhere in canon, and yet they have repeatedly been identified as one of, if not the most, powerful Rahi species in the MU. Because of this, I’ve been mostly factoring them out of the equation when doing my comparisons.

I’m not sure how much outside resource the Brotherhood of Nod is using for this battle, but the Dark Hunters are not an organization under the Makuta. They are entirely separate.

On that note, if we were to jump forward in time and limit the Brotherhood to a badly thrashed army, with very little Rahkshi, and only three active/living Makuta, Teridax would have control of the GSR, and… When you’re controlling a giant mech man who could crush the entire army with a wave of his hand, there is no need for a thorough comparison.

If, however, this comparison for the Brotherhood of Nod has been using outside assistance to aid in their conquest, The Makuta at the time after the convocation is still on very good terms with the rest of the Universe. Mata Nui runs the GSR, the armies of the former League of Six Kingdoms are still very much alive, and the Brotherhood of Nod is history.

From what you’ve said, this is easily their strongest resource and the only one I can see with a definite edge over the Makuta. Destroying an MU inhabitant’s armour is powerful, especially when said opponent is a Makuta past the point of molecular regressing into an antidermis state. However, we have to assume the Brotherhood of Nod got past the Makuta’s multitude of powers, merciless armies, and personal Toa guard.

If the Brotherhood of Makuta could tell it was a bomb, it’d never make impact. It would be caught mid plummet, ripped to pieces, and then carefully studied.

Were they to not realize it was a bomb, or perhaps not notice it, then yes, they’d be having a pretty rough time. Except…

Gaseous, you say? Sounds like the kind of work for an air Toa.

And on the note of gas, the Makuta are presumably all devolved to an antidermis state by this point in time, which means if one had his/her armour ripped open, it would take very little time to move the antidermis cloud to one of the advancing pieces of machinery, possess it, and turn the fight back on their aggressors.

I can’t see a scenario where the Brotherhood of Nod, in neutral territory and both sides engaged, has any clear chance of victory. The Makuta have so many options for preventing the battle from happening, and the only clear way they could win is to nuke them unawares, with even that being debatable based on the Makuta’s position at the time. If the Brotherhood is in space, or another planet, we could assume the Makuta are in the GSR, which is either chilling in space or entirely submerged underwater.


You don’t, but how do the Makuta prevent them from destroying their own forces?

The issue is, you can’t kill what you can’t see. Nod stealth tech isn’t like modern tech where it’s minimizing radar signature, Nod stealth tech is straight up light-bending invisibility.

Said Hallucinogenic equipment. Apparently it can be tailored to effect specific emotions, and prioritize certain targets, as evidenced by the Redeemer’s rage generator, so they could simply reverse the effect.

Oh I know how powerful a Manas Ko is, I was simply focusing on size, less on whether a Redeemer could actually beat a mana Ko. If Nod was gonna throw anything against the Ko, it’d be a redeemer or a Liquid T bomb.

I figured that by mercenaries you meant the DH.

As for outside resources, I was thinking just Nod’s armies, and that’s some of the beauty of it. Thanks to how Nod’s army is organized, they can set up factories, barracks, and resource collection right on the battlefield, ensuring a constant flow of at least the low-level grunt equipment and soldiers, and the more advanced equipment if given time to set up. Also, by time I mean about 15 minutes or so.

The issue is, how many can they stop, as Nod pretty much has an entire fleet of stealthed bombers (and by stealthed I mean the light-bending invisibility tech from before).

Strategic placement and timing? Gali Nuva’s Nova blast completely eradicated the Island of Karzahni of any life and most of its status as an island, and it’s likely a Nova blast by an element such as fire would have more destructive effects.

Light-bending… Seems like the Makuta are extra good with creating darkness. And just because the Brotherhood of Nod isn’t visible doesn’t mean they’re undetectable.

Yes, but could they?

Rahkshi powers are not something that needs to be thrown, or deployed. They’re instantaneous. Also, due to there being so many Makuta in this matchup, with no real limitation of the application of their powers, they could easily send a multitude of mixed signals. Anger and Fear at the same time… That’d pretty much turn Nod’s army on each other’s throats.

I don’t know the exact level of power or capability of the hallucinogenic equipment the Brotherhood of Nod possesses, but I’m going to wager Makuta powers are stronger and more diverse given how much they’ve accomplished.

I think you’re mistaking the efficiency of a video game system for the efficiency of an actual war between these two. Were they to actually land, they’d be immediately under attack by large groups of Manas and other Rahi, then by more powerful forces shortly after. Also, the Rahkshi power of gravity or vacuum would do wonders against land or air forces.

And that’s another thing: Even the lowest level grunt in any MU military is leagues above the grunts of Nod. The average Dark Hunter would carve holes in their lines, and so would level 1 Rahkshi.

Does Nod typically deploy carpet-bombed planet-altering nukes to every battle? Because if not, I don’t think that the Makuta would have to worry about them until they were fully engaged, and again, Rahkshi power of gravity could fling them into orbit with ease. Even if gas bombs managed to go off, vacuum could entirely isolate it.

As I said before, the Makuta have so many options to keep Nod from actually engaging them, giving them ample time to assemble their own forces and keep Nod within a specific distance by shrouding them in darkness, causing mass rioting among their soldiers, throwing their equipment into space… And that’s not even considering Slow, which could force Nod’s operations down to a crawl, or Hunger, which could potentially render their factories immobile.

There just isn’t a winning matchup for the Brotherhood of Nod here. Sure, you could argue that they could carpet-bomb them with nukes, in the dark, at night, while they were asleep. But the inverse could also be argued. I’ve been assuming the battle ground is an even plane, where both armies are well aware of each other’s presence, but if the fighting place is the GSR, you have a very active Mata Nui piloting it, and those carpet-bombed nukes are coming right back at you.

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