Brotherhood of NOD mech: Vanguard

A little mech I made for the Brotherhood of Nod from Command and Conquer.

The Brotherhood has alwasy made use of it’s powerful iconography. Various symbols and colors representing everything from the proper way to clense ones self for battle, to the basic tenants of the Brotherhood. None are quite as powerful as the Scorpion. It represents the core values of the Brotherhood, peace through power, it’s battle strategies, striking hard and fast, and serves as a representation of the Brotherhood itself. On the battlefield, the Vanguard mech serves a critical role in keeping these close to the hearts and minds of the warriors of the Brotherhood, both through symbols upon the mech, and through it’s own battle practices.

Front and back.

The mech is equipped with with standard nod armor, and with the Brotherhood’s signature bubble windscreen.

The Vangard is equipped with a beam cannon, derived from the infamous Obelisk of light. The cannon has been scaled down to fit a smaller form factor, and to require less power from the onboard generator. This does reduce the output however, thus reducing the effectiveness upon heavyily armored vehicles, such as the GDI Mammoth Tank.

The mech is also equipped with a shield made with top of line, prototype materials and techniques, making it highly resistant to even the most extreme of GDI firepower. More often than not, the only things remaining of these mechs are the shields, which can often be retrieved and simply polished up and attached to a new mech.

All Vanguard mechs are piloted by a Brotherhood Abott or Abess, who upon becoming an Abott, take a solemn vow to guide and direct their brothers and sisters of NOD. New abotts are often serve Vanguard pilots, in order to test thier dedication to their brothers and sisters of NOD.

This small mech has to be one of my favorites i’ve made in a while. Legs and waist design is slightly altered version found on @Sokoda’s most recent exo-force mech. The waist did need to be upped a plate.

As always, comments and Crits are welcomed and appreciated!


Nice little thing, tho extremely similar to that one Exo-Force mech, and the fact that the cannon starts from where the elbow should be seems a little weird.

I like that you took some of the tecniques from my model and made your own thing with it!
How’s the stability of the legs? Can you pose it well?

The stability was great. The only thing I had to adjust was that I had to add an extra plat between the hip joints and the bottom hull peice. The upper legs couldn’t rotate properly.

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I like how you used that Galaxy Squad cockpit and Knight’s Kingdom flag! It’s not often that I see those parts being used!

Thanks! I’ve been trying to use the flag in a NOD Moc for ages now, and the cockpit just happened to fit. Though if it were to properly fit the NOD color scheme, it would be orange, but hey, you work with what you got.

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