Sokoda's weekly builds

New year new weekly builds!

Let’s get 2020 started:

[SWB 53] Assault Tiger Revamp

All the pieces (except for the prints) exist in these colors! [SWB 53] Assault Tiger Revamp


Aw nice. Now I kinda wanna go to bricklink and buy all theae parts.

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don’t know how stabile it would be, but the pieces do exist in these colors and I tried to think about it’s stability

Hrm… looking at the peices, with the exception of the cockpit panel, i might be able to make this as it is, albiet with a different color scheme. If i can, i’ll be sure to let you know.

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Oh yeah always happy when people do something with my builds, just make sure to let me see the results


Gave it a bit of the ol’ Brotherhood of Nod makeover.

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[SWB 54] Raider buggy
This weekly build was requested by @ProfSrlojohn [SWB 54] Raider buggy


PRAISE KANE!!! Now I need to download that Nod emblem sticker.

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I know you’re swamped with requests still, but if you have the time, I’d really like to see Cahdok and Gahdok. Of course if you’re too busy don’t bother.

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I still have quite some requests and a couple non-requested models I want to release in the next couple of weeks, but this is a great idea and I will absolutely try, can’t promise when though.


[SWB 55] Nyas training

This one is probably one of my favourites so far, I really like how it turned out [SWB 55] Nyas training


It looks beatutiful! Though I would suggest replacing Nya with the older version- Possesion preferably.

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I initially planned to do that, but I tried this one and I think it worked really well because the colors of her suit match the rocks and the water


[SWB 56] Rex’ Rocket-Punch

A Rex Dangervest inspired Lego Universe rocket. All the pieces are availiable in these colors. (except for the prints) [SWB 56] Rex’ Rocket-Punch


Will you still do that Xalax build? Or did you cancel the plans for it?

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can you also do a Takanuva-related build while we are still at it?


@LegoDavid yup I can assure you it will happen. It is already done

@Toa_Vladin Yup I have a Takanuva related idea, but it will be probably a long while, becaue I have a Bionicle build already in the works, and another Bionicle request and I normally do some different builds in between Bionicle models


[SWB 57] Xalax Duster

This build was requested by @LegoDavid [SWB 57] Xalax Duster


So much yes. I must have it.

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Man… I never thought you could pull it off so well! When I first saw it, I didn’t even realize it was brick built! Fantastic work! This is easily one of my favorite weekly builds you did so far!