Building Metru Nui in Minecraft! Re-Doing never

And for the love of god, turn clouds OFF!

I said this
also knowlege tower
not sure about it though


It's a nice start. I always saw them as more smooth and streamlined with less ornate detail. Maybe a spire of smooth quartz, packed ice, and sea lanterns with more detailed designs near the tops?


yeah that sounds good

That's exactly what I had in mind.

And then theres mine, complete packed ice that reaches to the clouds in order to add the Ko-Metru Great Disc.

If you want I have a design that only takes a couple of blocks and allows you t shoot fireballs out of your hands >:D

What kind of pc are you runnin to get fps that good? I can get 30 top on a good day.

its 1.8 thats doing that

No, I mean just period before 1.8. I can only get up to 30 fps out of minecraft on a good day. I'm asking what kind of pc you use. I would love to get fps that high.

pre 1.8 I got 30-40 frames, my pc isnt the best, its pretty bad actually
like i3 core I believe
(im not the best when it comes to this stuff)

It's showing you getting over 100 up there. I would love to have that.

like I said the 100 is because of the settings I use in 1.8, which are no clouds vbos on max framerate, graphics fast, smooth lighting off and render distance 16

@Ekorak - I've tried ghast-ball techniques but they're generally too destructive with no good way to keep them from breaking blocks. Currently I'm settling for placing blocks which instantly transmute into fire, water, leaves, etc. with more complex stuff (/execute @p ~ ~ ~ /fill ~2 ~2 ~2 ~-2 ~-2 ~-2 fire 0 replace air, for example).

You can turn clouds off now? nice.

that has been in the game for a while : P

I've been playing on outdated versions for a while now because of the servers I play on.

Are you playing on servers running 1.4 or something? stuck_out_tongue

He's probably playing on ye olde Tekkit or something

Also, just a friendly reminder to stay on topic guys! smile

Not quite that behind.