Building Metru Nui in Minecraft! Re-Doing never

yeah : P
anyways like I said le metru is finished, I am attempting to build a knowlage tower

I think thats a little better


Feed the Beast, never Tekkit. And to be fair, we are still discussing Minecraft, which is related to the main topic.

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there is already a minecraft topic though

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Actually, I believe /gamerule mobGriefing false prevents Ghastballs from harming the landscape. They don't harm anything in my world, at least.

Of course you may want creepers to damage the landscape, so it could be pointless.

I refer all of you to this:

Can I be added back? I'm pretty free to help out this weekend, so I could get some work done.

Will do.
What was the username again?


I had a thought a looong time ago about making Ko-Metru's towers out of Ice Spikes..
Then I found out they were too thin to hollow out.

Just make super large versions of them.
vote for that
and we will be blowing up rise as well
on top of furno
multiple times
please everyone focus on filling in onu metru

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Would you like me to help?
The command schematic isn't complete yet, but I can build a little.

I bet Matt voted for himself.

Either himself, or Rise voted for him.

But yeah, let's burn all the Rises. Rise statue, and lots of Rise Effigys/Armor Stands

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axonn voted for matt
the one who stole a cat
that was fat
the cat
not matt
that was fat


i voted for me

vote for meh pls

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..dude youre gonna get blown up...

i gotta win

winning elections is my purpose in life

dangit why didnt i post that yesterday

(also we should probably keep this on topic)

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yes we should now stop ..doing nothing and come on and do something
*shakes fists angrily *

I do not retract my offer

IGN is ChroOmega