Building Metru Nui in Minecraft! Re-Doing never

I voted for you.

I dunno about the others, and I know Rise has his whole "No new Builders" policy, but I for one would be more than happy and willing to add you to the team.

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Stream was fun. This post is mostly an attempt to confirm that the forums are working correctly and can be flagged and deleted at any time.

Ah, I missed the stream. Dang.

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If I am ever needed, I could help. I'd be more than happy to do Onu-Metru. Minecraft username is nitroparrot (for some reason)

Perhaps, @NotDimentioNuva
Get on the CHClub skype group and we could talk more about that.

Why don't I see the server when I click on realms?

Had to remove you to make room for others.
I'll add you back in 14-16 hours.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

More screenshots please! Even though I don't have mine craft, any time I see what you guys are doing it makes my day.

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This is the Underwater Research Lab I built, and I am showing to satisfy our good friend @CausticKrana

The design of the front was meant to vaguely look Hau-Ish, but not too evident.

Here you can read the signs. They may be temporary, I dunno.

Inside is a most familiar looking pool, no? It is meant to evoke the pool from the one hut in MNOG. But unlike that one, this one has a purpose.

Going down into the pool will lead you to a hatch. And because Minecraft physics, so long as said hatch is only opened, and not broken, water will not flow into the area below it. That's right, the pool is a decoy to sway any curious individuals in-universe away from the secret lab.

Going down the hatch will lead to a dry room with two doors. I hope to add more soon.

For now both of thse doors lead to basically identical hallways, and rooms beyond.

These identical rooms(identical to eachother, not identical to the previous room) are both made of Sea Lanterns entirely, only on the inside. On the outside, they appear perfectly normal. The Metal door leads to the ocean outside.

I hope to have two more doors in the hatch room that lead into hallways that lead into larger and expansive lab complexes, that maybe go deeper down into the sea.


Whoa, that looks pretty sweet!

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I would like to offer my services again. However, I would like to work in a different way than building. When you have finished the map, how would you like it if I take specific areas (The Metrus, etc), and render them in a cinematic form in Blender? It would be simple for me to do, and I can make it look very good. I can do still images, or if you want me to pan around certain places, you could use the animations for a type of Map Trailer! I also have some samples to prove I can do this. Please keep in mind that they are mostly test renders, and would not reflect your final images.

Sure, although I'd wait 'til the map is finished for that.
...And that might be a while. Regardless if you want to be added back I will.

soooooo.... I'm back

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: O
WB you have been gone
for a loong time

Playing some MC if anyone's on.

I'm available to play, but I'm not on the server. stuck_out_tongue

I'm finally a part of this server!
Makin my mark by building a statue of Unit-01

IGN is Agent_Specter