Building Metru Nui in Minecraft! Re-Doing never

I've been really busy with school and stuff, and also a lack of motivation, but I'll be on the server eventually.

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I think the same applies to te rest of us as well.



that and i don't really contribute much when i'm on frowning

I have plenty of time to play MC... wink

Fiiiiiiiiine. I will in 3 hours.
Alright announcement: Flood gates are back open, so you can request to join.
However I'm only adding the people I approve of. Not just anybody.

I am saying this now, matt is the only one who builds (scar helps but he is almost never on cause of 1.8 issues)
I will organize a sheet for what people know what they are doing
actually I will ask on skype when more people are here

I will re-resend my offer. IGN is ChroOmega.

Alirhgt Chro I'll be sure to add you now.
I want everyone to remember I'm still under a no tolerance rule, if you screw up that's it. You're done.

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My minecraft is ToaAlphus. I'm able to build usually after 2:45.

If there was ever going to be a weekly featured topic that was featured for eternity, I'm glad it was this one.

What are we going on? 3 weeks strong?


Shhhhhh they might change it. stuck_out_tongue


I've been following this project, and I must say, it is shaping up beyond expectation. Keep it going guys!

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Well I'm back. Maybe you'll remember me. Maybe not.

we all remember you
I am sure rise has a list (probably not) of all the people who have been removed

I do toooo!
I keep track'a everything.

"Everything" in Risebellese means: "Whatever I can be bothered to care about"


I agree with this statement

I thought I had some respect around here. I care about a lotta stuff.

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what respect
we all hate you
ngram is planning to overtake you as leader of chc
wait I am not supposed to say this

Nobody has respect. Not me, you, Potao, Matt, no one. No one except Scarilian and Slime. And their eternal love.

On another note, an On topic one: Does Ga-Metru have Natural Terrain and the like in it? Or is it just gonna be the quartz stuffs we've been building?

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