Building Metru Nui in Minecraft! Re-Doing never

Excuse me while I go cry in a corner and remember the good ol' days.

Islands. Lots of islands like the ones we have already, with guartz and sandstone buildings as well as docks on and around them

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crying is for girls
you weenie
and fix your double post mister!
EDIT: good boy

It seems that the Kanohi setup will lag the server if active, until Realms is fixed completely?... so I guess my help will be limited to actual building right now.

brb gonna beg microsoft to fix realms
then boats

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So glad this exists.

Aight errybody, gonna get back to working on this and hopefully completing Po-Metru's borders today.

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and I've been removed from the Realm.

Alright, fair is fair. The technical problems in the update killed a good chunk of my productivity while playing, and college starting up killed a lot of my free time.

So guys, good luck with building your city, hope you can make it great.

I would appreciate being let in occasionally so I could see how it's progressing.

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Whenever you want to go on just PM me and I'll add you back to the list, man.

Sure thing. 2 of my classes end after this month, so that will ease up the workload on my classes. So I'll be able to start helping late this month or starting next month. Don't want to waste space when I'll be busy with school.

just a reminder to people who want to join

oh and

@RangerSilver6 good luck with getting those technical problems fixed!


Going to be working on Po-Metru today. I ask that everyone NOT work on building things near the borders of each metru until I've completed them to my design.
Don't work on Ga-Metru at all.


So I just went back to this topic and realized that I haven't posted on here since I first asked to join the team. So I guess it's time to do an update on something that I built in Ta-Metru.

First I made a Ta-Metru message board:

And next, I built a broken crane with the Morbuzakh wrapped around it, the crane also has dropped it's block:


I don't think we're doing Morbuzakh.


Morbuzakh or Visorak decorations for Halloween?

I know, but I really couldn't help myself. If we NEED to remove it in the end then I will just keep it but take out the Morbuzakh.

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Too time consuming for something that'll be destroyed at the end of the month.


It's not outlandish to think that there could be regular, non-sentient-and-evil vines growing in the city.


So as per usual, Minecraft is being annoying, randomly removing people from the Minecraft realm.
So if you think you're on the list, if you could go on and see if you're still on the white list that would be nice.

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Cliffhorse spotted in Le Metru!


So, I was talking about college schedule being and issue. Well, I no longer have any classes Tuesday, so I may be able to help then provided nothing unexpected crops up.