Building Metru Nui in Minecraft! Re-Doing never

I'll be sure to add you to the list then.

Until further notice
(Or until rangersilver6 wants to do something)
Going to be putting this project on hiatus for now. Since no one's working on it.
Mostly because I'm not, and I'm paying for this to be up. So until say, maybe next summer consider this on hold and such.

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Funny, I was literally about to log on.

The realm's still up and all. Currently me and Potao are TNT'ing our way through another map.

Did you add me back in? Because it's not on my realms list.

I'll check.
@RangerSilver6 there we go.

For some reason even without having been on the project since day one I feel sad watching it go for now.....

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Its probably best it going on hiatus for a short while anyway, Christmas will have people distracted soon and it will give people time to over-hype on the Bionicle sets. Then we can return and finish it in the new year when we all have more time. Though will miss seeing the sun rise over the colloseum


If anyone wants to hop on the realm real quick and help blow stuff up on my old survival world we have loaded right now.

@squeaverking and it all went boom.


Teen Titans!

Are you done with this demolition spree?
(If not I would like to help.)

Yeah man, me too.

The answer to both of you is no.

rip in piece metru nui

we knew ye well

We have the map backed up y'kno...

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the sofa bears don't know that

but the drop bears know


I prefer the Sofa bears they tend to cushion your fall...

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Hey everybody! While Metru Nui's on hold, I uploaded the Mata Nui map onto the realm!
Come check it out o.o


Hey guys

After you finish Metru Nui and maybe Mata Nui

You should build Okoto