Building Metru Nui in Minecraft! Re-Doing never

I... doubt we'll finish Metru Nui any time within the next year, maybe by 2017 if we continue being as productive as we've been.
Although building Okoto sounds fun, I'd consider that.

Dude, I could make Okoto in 30 minutes on world painter! Why are we putting it on hiatus!? >:(

Has the podcast thing gotten to your heads?

Go ahead and make okoto, but the Mata Nui map you made was a bit too rough IMO.
As for Metru Nui it's on hold because nearly no one is ever on and working on because of their lack of interest and being busy with things like school. Both of these apply to me. Plus it costs money to have it up.
Once summer rolls around I'll start this up again but for now everyone has until the realms expires.

As for the CHC group, if it had gotten to my head I would have gotten myself banned a while ago and started my own youtube channel doing low-quality reviews of Bionicle sets.

I didn't make said mata nui map.

Goes to show how much I assume things I don't remember.


I am changing the topic name to be more clear to newer users
don't want to cause confusion with anyone


Good idea.


So actually I've been thinking...
About restarting the entire project. Why? There're a lot of reasons.

Mostly things like not being to size, small errors I could've prevented which would be too big to fix now(the entire pattern the Coliseum was built in for example) and also the way I've been outlining the land. Very much not proud of it looking back.


Or we could totally wait for Bonkle 2015 and make Okoto.

Or just do Metru Nui again.

I don't know.

I just know I want to be more active stuck_out_tongue

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Hope to get minecraft.

Any day now.
Actually I think I should make a separate topic, for more serious discussion.

That's a pretty big decision, although I just fear that if we try to restart it we won't work on it at all.
The only reason that I didn't work on it was because I was bad at the building styles and it would only make Ta and Ko Metru look bad.

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And would you allow others to help in this endeavor? Because, restarting it without any fresh enthusiasm would make the project a dull and sluggish thing to do. Adding a new person who's excited about the project can really boost morale.

Also, should probably do Metru Nui, (Or even better, Voya Nui...) because we still don't have much information about Okoto, and we know nothing about the villages n stuff.


I love you.

If we were desperate for image sources there's always shudders VNOG.

Which would actually not be all that hard a source to use if you enable cheats.


Or you could use BIONICLE: Heroes!


Although that's actually be kinda cool... Either way goes.


Anarchy has been loosed on the server..


You're all dead to me.


Rest in peace this topic, oh how you shall be missed metru nui


Why was this cancelled? This was really sudden stuck_out_tongue

Indeed. For now, I'm going to be working on a new layout for everything that'll be much easier for everyone to contribute to.

'Til then, if you guys want to get on the realm just to have fun I'm cool with that.