Caleberg: The Mercenary

This mercenary is just about willing to do anything for the right price such as hunting down cooks, assassinating somebody big, or participating at a Birth Day Party. I’m kidding he probably there to kill some one.

He has a variety of weapons.

Caleberg was once part of a super hero team which was constructed of him, Flare*, Montounaer, Rauna, Smokey, and Scope.

For goodness sacks even he is a weapon.

OOooo, we get to see him at work.

Oh No, his gun got hit out of his hand.

Oh,this is quit shocking Caleberg has electrocute Lava Beast with his arm taser.

Ow, he kneed Lava Beast right in the gut.

Well that is it, Caleberg has deafeated him and is now the beast to his employer.

*link to Flare to see what happened to her: Flare: the Hero


the Head Reminds me of Sidorack
and that DC villain
Good Moc BTW

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The head seems slightly large.


Nice feet there.


Beat me to it…

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The looks awesome! The head design is probably my favorite part.

You mean Black Manta?


Head’s too big.

Yes thank you
could not remember the name

Nice head design