Can Marendar harm Non-Toa Beings?

Since Marendar is a Toa killer there is no question he can eliminate them on sight. But what about other beings who would stand with the Toa? Like Axonn, Brutaka, Glatorian, Agori. Not to mention other non sentient beings like Rahi, baterra and Maxilos?

Can Marendar harm these other beings to the point of “they’ll live” or is he unable to harm any other lifeform than Toa?

Or is there a hierarchy of how much damage he can do a being based on if they are from matoran universe or from spherus magna? For example: Toa he can kill on sight, other inhabitants of MU he can beat up, Glatorian he can maybe disarm from weapons and agori he is unable to harm in any way.

Great beings became very carefull after Baterra went out of control and started to kill anything with a weapon. I assume there is something in place in case of Marendar’s kill switch does not work. Marendar might not even have one since Angonce did not try to use it.


Maxilos is not sentient, it was a robot possessed by Teridax for a short time.

I did say, Rahi, Baterra and Maxilos are non sentient.

Oh, my bad :smiley: I misread it

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No worries.

What do you think? can Marendar harm other living/ non living beings?

I think robots like Baterra and Maxilos are can be destroyed by Marendar.


If he has the strength to wipe out a Toa, he most likely can inflict serious damage on a being more powerful than a Toa like Axonn or Brutaka if not kill them altogether.

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I’d say Marendar should be able to go face to face with some of the strongest beings of the universe. But since he is a toa killer it would make sense if he could harm only toa. But it would be a boring story if toa could just hide behind axonn or agori.

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I think he can harm anyone from MU actually. Because matoran can become Toa, OoMN members and Dark Hunters are even more dangerous than Toa and Makuta, well, not helpless too. But I think he has some protocols/restrictions about Glatorian and Agori because his main function is to protect them. Also, knowing the Great Beings, they most likely haven’t made any just-in-case switches/preventers.
Also, an interesting question would be if he can resist no-Toa elemental powers, but I don’t remember anything about that.


Also, an interesting question would be if he can resist no-Toa elemental powers, but I don’t remember anything about that.

I’d say Marendar is immune against all elemental powers since toa do not use toa power to produce elemental energy. Elemental power can be replenished but Toa power can’t be.

Since Toa use same elemental energy as other beings and kanohi it can be concluded Marendar is immune against all elemental powers.

The thing is, if you watch “Firespitting with BS01” (which is really great podcast) you’ll hear a term something like “Power variant” and “Element control variant”. The first term refers to Bohrok Kal, several Makuta’s powers and others - it means non full control of element. While on any Toa’s page of the wiki we can see that he/she can create, control and asorb his/her elemental element (with the exception for Toa of Psionics, who cannot absorb their element). This is a Toa-unique trait, so their powers actually might be of different origin than those of other beings.

Due to Marendar’s role as protector of Agori and Magnans (what I like to call Galtorian), I don’t think it would ever attack them. For example, if Gelu got between Marendar and the three Toa from TYQ it would be unable to attack. If one of the Toa took a Bota Magnan Agori as a hostage, I doubt Marendar would risk collateral damage.

Since Marendar is immune to elemental powers, I don’t think being a Toa plays a factor into its immunity.


He did try, but was too late. Marendar already had escaped.

They are sentient. They are however not sapient. Those are two different things.

Back to to the question:
Marendar can definatelly harm other beings than Toa, it just wouldn’t be as effective against, say a Makuta.
We do not really know how much of his arsenal was Toa specific, nor if that equates being non-harmful to others. Marendar smashing through 3 feet thick protodermis walls would suggest otherwise.

I think it should hold its own against other things. Think of it like this: Just because baleen whales are specialized to eating krill, does not mean they do not swallow fish sometimes.

I agree. The non-harmfulness, would be a product of programming, not weaponry itself.

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What if a Glatorian or an agori attacked Marendar? Would he concetrate solely on evading or would he disarm the atackers?

What about other inhabitants of MU? Can marendar harm them?

I don’t think it’s likely that a Glatorian or Agori would attack Marendar. If one were to do so, Gelu being the most likely candidate, Marendar would probably get stuck before attempting to evade or disarm Gelu.

I’m pretty sure Marendar is able and willing to hurt other beings who prevent it from eliminating all remaining Toa though.

Might be a good time to remember that Marendar is based on the Sentinels from X-Men.


One thing to think about is that Marendar is sapient; it isn’t a mindless slave to its programming.

Marendar has the free will to attack whoever it wants, although I would think that it is aware that its mission is to eliminate Toa.

(whether or not its weapons will be effective is another thing)

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I would imagine Marendar’s programming allows him to attack any being that harms his goal of killing a particular Toa, but everything else is totally irrelevant to his sole function, so he’s probably only allowed to clear “obstacles” when necessary. He probably has the ability to seek out Matoran destined to become Toa, too.


Could Marendar learn Toa are not evil and turn himself off? I wrote a fanfic in which Marendar realised Toa were not evil but his honor code/duty/programming forced him to attack them in full force.

He could destroy a wall of protodermis, I assume what ever he used to destroy it could also destroy Non Toa.

I too think his “honor/programming” would force him to use minimum amount of force as necessary.

I think hibernating toa power within Matoran is not enough to alarm Marendars senses. Marendar can’t kill younglings if you get my reference.


Glatorian vs Marendar

I doupt Glatorian would stay idle when Marendar slaughters their new allies in front of them.

What do you mean Marendar is stuck? As in: He is trying find to find a way to kill the toa without harming Gelu and can’t take action before he finds a way?

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Well, all of them were “programmed” by GBs, and, since Marendar never suffered the effects of “Awakening” (If I remember the term correctly, I mean that event when Matoran started to really think and feel) and since he does not really need to invent/imagine/feel I think he is more robotic then MU inhabitants.

I see two main different answers on the question:

  • He is a killing machine/cyborg, so he should be persistent in his task, and, while not killing Toa or Glatorian, he can “set them aside”.
  • His name is literally means “Salvation” so he should be a hero for Glatorian and Agori, and, of course, never kill or harm any of them.

We might ask Greg about it, but I doubt he will answer.

Yeah, Matoran developed their culture after they became sapient. Maybe Marendar too will grow spiritually and mentally as he experiences more about the world. Classic Bastion (overwatch) story.

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Would all this stuff about Marendar going good mean that that his voice should sound like ‘80s Schwarzenegger?

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