Can mask power change when Matoran are transformed into Toa?

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No. Just no. You can't change the disks the masks were made with, and the disks dictate the power. It doesn't matter how the Toa are transformed, or if the masks are organic. The Ignika gave the Toa different masks altogether because Ignika Ex Machina and plot convenience. They didn't want to have to explain why the set's masks looked so different, so I-E-M (IGNIKA EX MACHINNNNAAAAAAA)


Also don't forget that the Inika had different masks, given to them by Karzahnni.
Hence why Jaller didn't have an organic gold Hau.


I'm pretty sure they do not change. When the Inika came into being, it would've been redundant for them to keep their original Matoran masks, since these were the same as their respective Toa masks. If Jaller still had the Hau, he would've been the THIRD Toa of Fire released with one, hence why they created the Karzhani point for the story. When they changed into the Mahri, the masks were likely changed by the Ignika to better fit the new environment. I don't think a Mask of Flight would be that great underwater.

No. Not unless other factors are involved.

If this is also about how Takua had the Pakari and Avokhii, well, the movie's inaccurate so far as I can tell.

He should've had to take that mask off to put the other on.

Like Vakama and the Vahi. I mean, Tahut took his Hau off to wear it. >.>


I try to just enjoy the movies for what they are, instead of referring to them for any information about the Bionicle story other than huge plot details.


What if the IGNIKA were to make a Matoran into a Toa? It could feasibly change the Mask Power, right? L

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Possibly, but not likely, as there would most likely be no need for it to.

I think.

It could, regardless of how necessary or not it'd be.

Yes. It changes from "Nothing" to "whatever the disks used to make it would create if they were good enough to make a Great mask"

Agreed 100%. I take the lore from the movies with a grain of salt other than things such as Lhikan dying Makuta getting Toa-sealed, Takua becoming the Toa of Light, etc.

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Didn't it just sorta appear on his face? Or wait, that's how the Toa changed masks somehow...
Was that ever explained?

The Toa had a mental connection to their suvas, where they stored the Masks. However, they couldn't teleport their masks through the barrier around Karda Nui, so they were stuck with one Mask during that time.


Im just gonna leave this here. Inika/Mahri.
Ill leave you to figure it out.

Might wanna read this.


So... no?

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Let me shorten the thing for you

karzahni took jallers teams masks, and replaced them with the masks the inika wear

as for the mahri, they were transformed by the Ignika Ex Machina
I mean
the ignika


Deus Ex Ignika?

Just quoted the gadunka.