Can there be a Toa of Light & Shadow?

We’ve seen that there can be beings capable of wielding multiple elements, a la the Makuta, as well as Toa that have been fused a la Prototype.

We’ve also seen that a Toa of Light can become a Toa of Shadow, and that you don’t need a mask of Light to give light powers (although I don’t know how many cases other than Takanuva we’ve seen). (Creating a Toa of Light?)

So both have been demonstrated, unlike other elemental powers, to be able to be gained and lost.

Could there theoretically be some way for a single toa to learn/gain/awaken these two elemental powers?


Takanuva had control over both in 08 after being attacked by shadow leeches. So yes it is possible to have both


Yes, but that Toa would wield both elements at half-strength, like Takanuva in '08.

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