Creating a Toa of Light?

Something has been bothering me regarding Toa of Light recently: in the first movie, we see Takanuva become a Toa via the Avohkii. He puts on the mask and is transformed into a Toa of Light. Later, however, we learn that it is more standard for Toa to be created with Toa Stones and a Suva. So, my question is this: is the Avohkii required to create a Toa of Light, or can it be done by giving an Av-Matoran a Toa Stone, as well?


No, you don’t need a Mask of Light to make a Toa of Light.


His Avohkii isn’t just any mask of light. It also has the ability to see a beings moral light, and spread trust and understanding.

This is opposed to an Avohkii that would potentially be crafted from a potential light Kanoka, which would not transform a Matoran into a Toa or use the additional powers.


That makes sense. Thanks!

His Avohkii was also infused with Toa Energy, much in the way of a Toa Stone. I can’t remember who did this or where I saw it though, so that may just be fanon.

I think it’s a fanon assumption based on what we know. I don’t think it’s to be taken for fact, unless Greg feels like changing that. It would most likely have been someone on Artakha, most likely Artakha himself, who did it. The mask was crafted on Artakha and Artakha, though with the help of the Great Beings, made the Toa Mata.

But it makes the most sense.

In the kingdom alternate Universe Tanma became a toa of light through the toa power of Takanuva. He was a Toa of light so it has happened before.

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