Cannot edit self-made topics/posts

So, the intention when i made the Civil War topic in May was to update the original post every time a new character was announced, however now i am unable to edit the original post. Is this a bug?

I've seen topics older than that which i can still edit, yet I'm unable to edit certain topics and posts as the option doesn't appear to be available anymore... :s


I've gotten this same issue sometimes, where I cannot edit old things, not just topics, posts as well, it's odd


its so the civil war can start

Fairly certain that once topics/posts get too old, you can't edit them.
Very annoying.


Yeah, worried that might be it, though i guess it can be fixed as staff can edit posts regardless of age so there has to be a way.

Staff can, yes. Good luck getting anyone who isn't waj or slime to do it though.

Not trying to ask them to edit it for me, would be easier if i could fix it myself.

Though know if they have the ability to edit posts/topics regardless of age, then its something that has been altered for different level of users - so it should be able to be fixed via altering the perks of other user levels so they can edit there own posts regardless of age.