(Canon Contest #1: The First) Toa Helryx - Galva_

Toa Helryx: Bringing Order to a world of Chaos.

This Helryx design is based around a toa Mata torso, while adding slightly more height to bring it closer to the scale of a typical Inika or Glatorian style Toa.

I am also operating under the assumption that this represents Helryx “in her prime”.

At the point she was found by Takanuva, she had lived through thousands upon thousands of years of battle, reducing her to her more frail, weaker state.

This is backed up by descriptions by Greg Farshtey himself.

The build itself is fairly simple.

More images, including the breakdown pictures can be found in this imgur album

Mask used is my own model of the Mask of Psychometry

And the shield used is on thingiverse as well.

Good luck to everyone who entered!
Looking forward to the art portion of the contest :blush:


Beautiful. I’m still in awe at how well the print & paint for that mask turned out.

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The only thing I don’t like on this MOC is the foot extenders. I actually think she’d look a lot better with just the Mata feet.

Otherwise, this is really awesome! Really nice job!

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I think this is my favorite entry. It’s amazing. Great work!


I’m so glad you posted here! I’m sorry if I was being a bit pushy on Reddit. I’ve loved so many of the designs in this contest, it’s just that this one is almost exactly how I’ve always pictured Helryx to look like. Good luck throughout the rest of the contest!

Nah you’re good. I’ve always been planning on entering I was just procrastinating lol

I really love the shaping, posing, and proportions of this one.

I really hope this one wins the contest.


I’ve been looking back through the Helryx contest entries, and while I’m happy with the results, there are a lot of MOCs, like this one that I regret not voting for.

The shield is maybe a tad bit too small, but I really like everything else!

Phenomenal stuff. That mask design is everything good in this world.