Origin of Helryx's hose?


Hello everyone.
I have a question about Helryx’s moc.

I often see her wearing a “hose? (Or tube? Or cable?)” In glorious contest-winning models, a few other mocs, and “Noodle Helryx”.
On the other hand, even if I look at the article on BS01, I can’t find any description about “hose”.
Can anyone please tell me what the function of this “hose” is intended to be, and when the “hose” came to be recognized?

I am Japanese. Since there is almost no information about BIONICLE in Japan, we have little idea of the “local convention” about Helryx.
I need your cooperation.


There isn’t a canon reason for a hose being there, and the hoses are just because, well, hoses are cool pieces!


There was no local convention previously, just something that came out of the contest. Since Helryx is a Toa of Water, the tubes can help sell that aspect about her. Because scuba. Though the exact reason why, especially if it has a function at all, will vary. For the winning model, it’s likely a combination of aesthetics and underwater breathing.

Though for others, maybe it’s to make it look more water gun esc or at least the channeling of water when included in the weapon portion. Or for breathing tubes like the Toa Mahri. In places that aren’t related to the weapons or mask/head, it probably doesn’t serve any purpose and is just there for aesthetic choice.

I tend to include such pieces quite a bit in my own creations and it is also varied. Sometimes it’s just for looks, sometimes it’s for weapon function, sometimes it’s what keeping the MOC together, and sometimes it is all of that.


Since Helryx is the first Toa to be ever created, many people think that she is a prototype for other Toa, and wires/hoses/tubes look pretty prtotype-ish. Though I rarely use such a pieces myself.


Thank you for your reply.
If the presence or absence of a hose is only one element of the design given to the moc, not the canon, then if I omit the hose when making the Helryx head canon revamp, she wouldn’t have any problems. Is that so?


In fact, you can do anything in your headcanon. And, if talking about the official canon: yes, abseneсe of a hose does not really matter in it.


The hoses are canon.

Again, you can change whatever you want for your headcanon.

But if you want a fully canon model, the hoses are part of it.


Some say the hoses were placed by the great beings in hopes to imbue Helryx with the essence of a more powerful, ancient being. A pre-prototype Toa that bore power so immense the Great Being’s original prototype robot was destroyed by the power unleashed by this being. Hoseryx was the most powerful being ever created by the Great Beings and hoses are still placed in the hopes that some of the divine strength may be transmitted. Where is Hoseryx today? Well that my friend… is a story for another day.


I mean, if you want to be technical about it, sure.

But the hoses are only canon after the fact. They are technically “canon” because the MOC and its art are “canon.”

What @of_alt seems to want to know is if hoses are integral to her character, and they aren’t. The only things we knew about Helryx prior to the contest was that she is a Toa of Water who wields a mace and a shield. Therefore, if he wants to make his own version, just like with the contest, those are the only things that really matter: she is a Toa of Water (and therefore blue), and carries a mace and shield.


Ah, I see.

So yes. If you want to make a Helryx that would have conformed to the contest rules, the hoses are not necessary.


I’m 90% sure the hoses were just added as a meme (In the case of Hoseryx) or because it completed the look.

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They pump antidermis through her body because she’s part Makuta.

The winning entry was submitted before Hoseryx; they final hoses can’t have been inspired by it.


I fully understand that the contest was canonized in her hose-wearing appearance. I don’t want to erase canon.
After all, I just want to know what the intention was for the person who first gave her a hose.

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As others have said: just because, basically.

There was nothing previously stating that Helryx has hoses. That came entirely from the mind of the creator of the winning MOC.


This may be close to the answer I wanted to know.

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To hose the competition.