Canon Toa Team Collab-Open to sign ups

Yup will note that.

Yes you can


Ok. I will put you in as a possibility for them.

Yeah that would be cool.

Sounds great

cool idea.

Ok. Um. I will add them. But its not really know if the melding universe Toa were split into Teams.

Ok will add these.

Ok I’m gonna put these in aswell

Ok they are in too.

Yup I can put these in.

Ok I will sign you up.

Update on this one:

I decided to paint the mask now. Mixed some blue and silver colors. Looks a bit closer to the official color irl:


Here’s the Metru from Teridax’s vision in Time Trap


Yup noted. (A bit late to reply)

It’s finally done!



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Toa Iruini’s Team


@Takutanuva Ok great, added them to the list

Im done now

Hey, sorry that I haven’t posted any updates. I honestly haven’t had the motivation to build anything, so I’m still at square zero. I’ve had a bunch of things going on in my personal life and it’s been really draining. My point is, I have no idea when I’m even going to work on my contributions, especially with college starting in a few weeks, so, sorry in advance, but it’s probably going to be a while before I get anything done


Ok. No problem. Do what is more important first.

Can a team be covered more than once? Because I still have 8 Toa Mangai MOCs around :see_no_evil:.

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my pictures were actually already taken, but then i got like thirty pounds of lego at brickfair and i want to see if there’s anything in there that would improve my dudes and female dudes


Hm. Ok. I will note that.

@GoodGuy2006 Ok. Thats good.

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Thanks, do I need to put a link somewhere? It is already on ttv though.

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You can just put a link in here.

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Since no one wants to build bad guys, I will. I already have the Shadow Toa Mata and am ready to start building the Shadow Takanuvas.


But you were the good guy! You were supposed to destroy the bad guys not build them! Bring balance to BIONICLE not leave it in darkness!


That’s how I bring balance, without me there would be only good guys. Balance doesn’t mean there are no bad ones.


So I am going to add you to the shadow Toa Mata and Takanuva is that right?

All hail the good guy <3

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