Can't edit or delete older posts

So as the title says, for whatever reason, I’m not able to edit or delete older posts as of late. The weird part is that its only older post that are effected. Perhaps it has something to do with that update thing that happened a few days ago. Is anyone else having this problem?

This has been the case for ages.

It’s not a bug.

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I think it’s just programmed so after a certain amount of time you’re not allowed to edit them anymore.

Well what’s the point in that?

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Probably just to archive the posts a bit better, keep them “as they were”.

That is something odd to keep.

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I guess I could see how that makes sense, but it can cause issues. For example, I wanted to make a post in a topic, but I forgot that I had made worse post a long time ago. My plan was to just delete it and make the new one, but instead I had to flag it and ask a moderator to do it for me.

You are still able to do it though.

It just takes a few more steps.

Well what if you want to edit an older post instead?

Then ask a mod for that too.

I had to do it before.

I’ll admit it isn’t a perfect system, but the pros out way the cons.
Sure you can’t edit your post to add info to it or delete some old, embarrassing stuff, but it keeps an older topic’s discussion intact. So instead of a new user seeing a one-sided conversation on Ninjago because a member decided to delete all of his posts, he gets to see the full topic and both sides of the coin.


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