Captain Marvel 2- The Marvels

My head huuuuuuuurts!!!

This is the only video that fully fits my opinion. I knew that it was coming, I absolutely knew that the Carnage was coming, that it was inevitable. So… Yeah. The Captain Marvel franchise needs a miracle.

This movie could be pretty good! I just want Moonstone, or someone of that power-level, and Talos.

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You mean a fourth Captain Marvel?
And yes, Talos will most likely be in.

Yes, but evil. I think she could be really cool to watch fight Carol Danvers.

To be honest I just want to see Carol fixed. This is my only wish from this movie.

Seems like it should be fun enough. I liked Captain Marvel. Certainly wasn’t blow away, but I need to see it a second time in order to formulate a full opinion on it. If they take the second film in an interesting directions and explore some weighty new themes I’ll be all for it.

So… you want her powers to be scaled back?

I actually partly liked the first movie. Sure I hate Brie larsons guts and she needs to be blacklisted from all social media but it could be a good start for the actual character.

Either that or make the villain just as powerful or more powerful. Make her actually struggle for once.

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Physically? Yeah I can see that, but you seem to forget the entirety of the last movie’s second half was based on her phycological struggle of realizing her recent life was a lie.

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Not necesarly, I just want her to get an actual character.[quote=“Holi, post:8, topic:50174”]
Yeah I can see that, but you seem to forget the entirety of the last movie’s second half was based on her phycological struggle of realizing her recent life was a lie.

Ah, yeah. That minute was fun

Unlike most people, I liked the first movie, so I don’t think this one would do any harm.

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I kinda liked Captain Marvel so this doesn’t sound so bad.


I think the overall consensus, at least from those I’ve talked to, on Captain Marvel is that her movie isn’t unenjoyable, but it doesn’t compare to the giants of Guardians and Spider-Man, which I can get behind, so I’m curious where this’ll stand.

Now that this movie is most likely taking place in modern day, and potentially on other planets, I wonder how it will play out. I just want a good villain.


I think a second Captain Marvel could be really good if they learned from their mistakes with the last movie. Of course, I don’t think that the first one was really that bad. Flawed, but not bad.


I didn’t hate Captain Marvel. It definitely didn’t live up to naysayers’ claims. There were a couple of annoying bits in that regard, but anything really obnoxious was thankfully cut. Most of what I enjoyed about the first one was honestly young Nick Fury and the Skrull though, so I’m probably not gonna rush to the theatre with this one either.

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I don’t think this movie will bomb but now they’ll have to find something else to advertise without a big release to piggyback off of. Let’s be honest; without endgame the first movie wouldn’t have done well but it wouldn’t have failed either.

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True. I mean, the only movie that comes into my mind that might work as an Endgame replacer might be Blade, but the wave of fans that that movie would bring would be nowhere near as big as Endgame’s, so much harder or CM to ride on it.

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Don’t forget too endgame was well; endgame. It included everyone so theming wasn’t an issue. Now other then maybe the new gaurdians or the eternals she just doesn’t fit in with vampires, a marvel version of goku, or dr strange. Most of the bigger movies are the complete opposite of sci fi; fantasy / magic.

Maybe there’s Spider-Man but she just doesn’t fit in a non crossover event not to mention she’s one of the least liked characters to begin with so we don’t want to see her in gaurdians / etc.

Maybe Wandavision or Miss Marvel?

Well I mean movie wise she doesn’t fit anymore. it might have been better had she just not existed to begin with; blowing up thanos’s ship and saving tony was nice but in the overall scheme of things she’s practically done nothing of use to anyone.

I dunno about you, but I really want a Civil War II with War Machine instead of Tony.