Adam would dodge out of Luxatium’s way as the power of his suit was reaching low and he needed to recharge.

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Dr. X fires up the teleportation systems and tries to find the Anchor’s multiversal region.

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The dead zone as it was known, as soon as they crossed into it it was clear something was terribly wrong, there was only one energy signiture (other than the ship) and it was tiny



The Devil, staggered by the attack, released Mark from his claws.
Mark plummeted to the ground, and pulled out his sword upon landing.
“You fool, you cannot vanquish The Scourge!” The Devil roared, attempting to slash his talons at Mark. Mark in turn blocked the attacks with his blade, parrying vigorously with The Devil’s claws.
Once Mark finally saw an open shot, he leapt forward and drove the blade of his sword into The Devil’s chest, all the way down to its hilt.
The Devil screeched with pain and rage, as it stumbled backwards. He devolved from his Berserker form from the overwhelming injuries, and was once again Plague Knoght. Plague Knight dropped to his knees, blood running down his chest. The wounds did not heal, as the nanites had malfunctioned and could not self-repair.
“No, this cannot be. I was almost a God! How could it have slipped from my grasp so quickly?” Plague Knight monologues to himself, as Mark reclaimed his sword by ripping it it out of his chest. Mark then punched Plague Knight’s helmet, which easily crumbled away. Now he wasn’t even Plague Knight anymore. He was just Alistair Spencer.
“Face it: you never were a God, and you never would have been.” Mark coldly said, as he kicked Alistair to the ground.
Alistair sputtered and choked on his own blood for a few moments, before finally succumbing to an anticlimactic and pitiful death.
Just like that, he was dead.

“So, what now?” Asked an Angel.

“head to the signal, that will be the throneworld”

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“Thank you.” Mark said to Yakiv gratefully, panting.
“You and your team really helped me back there.” He said, pointing to Plague Knight’s corpse.


“You heard him.” The angel said to Dr. X.

“We still have a war to win, move out.”

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Dr. X set the course and launched.

Mark nodded, and the group pressed onwrds.
As they travelled, Sadie could tell that something was off with Mark. They stopped to rest for a second.
“Hey, what’s wrong?” Sadie asked, stroking Mark’s hair.
“It’s just, all of this pressure on me. There is so much at stake here, and I have gone through so much in the past few years.” he answered.
Sadie nodded. “I understand how you feel. But we’re going to get through this, you and I. Together.”
Mark, feeling better, smiled as he rose back up.
“Okay. Let’s do this.” He said, and they continued walking along.

Soon, they reached the entrance to this next realm. However, the group’s progress was impeded by a large, heavy metal door that stood in the way.
“Luxatium, may you?” Michael asked, motioning to the door.

Luxatium spins I energy again, bypassing the metallic door.

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As the door opened, the group entered an expansive, industrial-looking room. Cargo containers were everywhere.
“Where are we? Who oversees this realm?” Richard asked.
He was soon to get his answer.

“MARK MCNEIL!” A voice roared nearby.
A heavy thudding sounded throughout the room, as a large, broad figure stepped out of the shadows. With each thud of his boot, the ground shook violently, threatening to knock everyone off their feet. Richard, Mark and Sadie began stepping back in intimidation.
Savager stomped out of the darkness.
“We are far from finished, you and I!” Savager growled, wrist claws extending from the backs of his wrists.

“rękawica; вбити його.” Yakiv calmly orders unfazed by the death intolerant twit in front of him, rękawica quickly raises their gun and fires a massive blast of lightning aimed directly at Savager’s face, then another, and another, then a smoke canister.

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Bruce wasn’t going to let the thudding sounds of Savager’s boots, nor his size intimidate him, not even his growl. His expression simply resorted to him narrowing his eyes while crossing his arms slightly.

“This is the Savager guy right?” He tilted his head towards Mark, as he remembered that one day all of the Leaguers talked about their so-called, nemesis, enemies and so on.

Mark nodded solemnly to Bruce.

Mustering his courage, he stepped forward and started to pull out his sword.

“Don’t bother with me Savager! I defeated you last time on my own. And this time I have backup! You’re outnumbered!”

Savager gave a slight chuckle.

“Perhaps, but not outmatched!” He said, stomping towards them faster. He then broke into a bull charge.

He looked at Mark before looking back at Savager. “Well, Leaguers let’s assemble for a living.” He said, before charging towards Savager.

His foot repulsors activated and made him jump mid-air before his right hand formed into a power-mallet and swung it with incredible speed towards Savager’s face. The impact upon hitting him was tremendously great.

Savager’s head tilted back only slightly. He grinned, before throwing a punch at Bruce’s face with his large and powerful fist.

His eyebrows slightly raised. Savager definitely had gotten stronger but it was no doubt due to Kreel’s involvement. He raised his forearms up to intercept and block Savager’s mighty fist that sent Bruce back on his feet and staggering back.

“Okay, big guy is tougher now.” He deadpanned as Spider-Man came swinging by and shot a web around Savager’s fist and pushed him forward while Bruce’s hands formed into two repulsor cannons and began firing upon Savager’s chest.

Savager, with his strength, broke the bonds if the webbing, before turning around and roundhouse kicking Bruce in the chest, sending him flying back.

Savager was simply irritated by the projectiles repeatedly striking his face. As the smoke bomb exploded at his feet, the burns on Savager’s face healed and disappeared.

Mark tried to strike Savager in the back with his sword, but the blade failed to penetrate his armor.
Savager turned around, and swiped Mark’s entire body to the other side of the room with his arm.

With that taken care of, Savager stepped out from the smoke cloud and began approaching the others.

Rękawica changed targets, striking now at the eyes and joints aiming to cripple with their lightning cannon

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Savager stumbled back, and fell to his knees, left temporarily vulnerable.

Adam kept near the back his armor recharging.

Kaleo charged at Savager in his Order Armor. A grid-like pattern on primordial energy shoots out from the armor. It disappears in a brief second as a shield soon surrounds both Savager and Kaleo. Kaleo unloads his forearm vulcans at Savager, blasting shots of primordial energy.

Kaleo activated a separate field that made it sound like there were several other footsteps running around Savager at once.

Æyapel seeing this focuses their healing powers onto Kaleo.

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Savager repeatedly turned around as he tried to pursue the footsteps, but he soon became dizzy from the blasts of Primordial energy and repeated revolutions.

Kaleo picks up his pace using the jets built into his suit and starts to accelerate circling his opponent as he fires upon them.

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Bruce, after having had recovered from the blow dealt to him by Savager, began to slowly stand up. He looke at Savager’s back.
He sprinted towards him and suddenly around his back six stabilizing thrusters formed on his back as his feet combined into a big power-mallet that hits Savager in the back, stumbling him forward as Bruce did a backflip and landed on the ground.
His feet formed into clamps that dug deep into the ground to sturdy his footing as his hands formed into power-mallets and swung a right hook to Savager’s face and a left one as well before having his arc reactor heat up and blast a powerful concentrated unibeam towards Savager’s chest.
Savager flew back from the blow, crashing into a container of gasoline. Bruce, standing over Savager’s body, fired a repulsar beam at him.
The gasoline was ignited, creating a large explosion.

Fire billowed high into the air, giving off an intense heat.

Suddenly, through the flames, everyone could see the silhouette of Savager. He grunted as his shot burned away and came apart. His body began transforming into a grotesque beast of monstrous proportions. Savager further mutated, even past his third form from before. The effects of the Savager serum were out of control, and it had taken its toll.
Savager, now having lost any intelligence or control he may have previously had, roared with fury as he charged out of the flames and towards the group.

“What now?” Asked the Angel to Dr. X.

“It’s pretty obvious.” The Doctor said, “Go in, harvest the AN and leave, hopefully, with little to no damage.”

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