Location: A Ship in Space…

The Captain of the U.S.S. Warhammer felt a strange sense of Deja Vu as he ran down the dark half-destroyed hallways, only briefly illuminated by the period flash of the red alarm light.

This was not the first time The Captain had found himself in a situation like this. During The Xir’algath’s near-destruction of The Multiverse, he captured The Warhammer when it served as a refugee/warship during that time. An irresponsible pirate back then, The Captain had greatly matured over time as he nearly met his death at the hands of The Xir’algath. He survived the encounter, and grew from that experience to become a responsible legitimate captain of the Warhammer.

And now, he once again was in a similar situation. But the enemies weren’t Xir’algath.
A mysterious group of deadly figures had entered the ship, tearing through its staff like tissue paper as they demanded to know where the “Engine” was.
In a moment of panic, The Captain had fled from the scene. But now he could sense his pursuers nearing ever closer.

Suddenly, a spear shot out of the darkness and impaled The Captain. He yelped in pain, fear and surprise as he crashed to the ground.
A figure in a metallic beaked mask approached the fallen Captain.
“This must be the ship’s captain. He would probably know where it is.” Plague Knight said to other beings who were apparently in the room.

“Wha-what are you talking about? Who are you people?!” The Captain demanded, groaning in pain as he clutched his wound.

“We…are your saviors.” Said Plague Knight.

“Meh, I beg to differ.” Said another voice.
“We’re more like the people who you’re unlucky enough to bump into on the wrong day.” The Gamemaster said as he stepped towards The Captain.

“Now, we shall not ask again. Where is the Engine?” Plague Knight demanded as he grabbed The Captain by the throat.
“I-ack!-don’t know!” The Captain choaked out.

“Ah, well that is just a shame…” said Gamemark, who literally stepped out of the shadows.

The Captain’s eyes scanned the dark dim room. Many vile villains were gathered together here under the same roof: The Gamemaster, Plague Knight, Savager, Nimrack, The Empress, X45, Donatello The First Dark Lord, Anticrast, and Swordbreaker The Shadow King. All of The Dark Heroes(Gamemark, ‘Diero’, Hydras and Voidmaster) were present as well.

Suddenly, the chains around Gamemark’s waist began snaking towards The Captain.

“Are you sure about you answer?” Asked Plague Knight.

“Even if I did know, I would Never sell out to the likes of You!” Spat The Captain.

A sore, sour expression crossed Gamemark’s face.

“Very well. Have it your way.” He nonchalantly said, closing his fist as the chains around The Captain’s body suddenly constricted. The chains slowly and mercilessly strangled The Captain to death.

“What a waste.” Said Savager as The Captain’s corpse fell dead.

"So, I take it The Captain has taken his secrets to the grave… " a mysterious disembodied voice called out to the villains.

“Indeed, Queen Kreel.” Replied Donatello. “None on this ship were willing to tell us.”

My Intel informed me that the engine would be on this ship. It must be here. Do any of you have any ideas to its location? Any leads?” Kreel’s voice asked all the villains.

Location: Whitegate Fortress(At least, what now remains of it…)

There was a building sense of dread throughout the prison of Whitegate. All the inmates had escaped, and seriously crippled their defenses. The prisoners were now scattered all throughout The Multiverse, spreading who knows what kind of chaos.
What was even more disturbing, was the growing rise and concentration of Xir’algath activity. They seemed to be making some sort if…comeback.35

The repairs on the prison were slow moving. The gaping hole that had been left in the structure was barely smaller at this point.

Archangel Michael and the other Archangels entered a room filled with the guards and staff of Whitegate: Tarkur, Aqua, Zaktra, Watcher and Glar.

“I just wanted to check in on all of you. How are you feeling now? Are you doing any better?” Michael asked them, concerned.

Location: ???

As much as Mark Mcneil hated to admit it, he and the others were lost.
He, Sadie, Bruce, Katrina, Elias, Conner, Hydron, Jack, Mary, Logan, Sophia, Adam, Xano, Richard, Caesar and Resonate had been wandering aimlessly through The Multiverse as they tried to get back to their home, Prime Earth.

They had been wandering for what seemed like hours, but in fact it could have been hundreds of years in Prime Earth’s time. This further heightened Mark and his friends’ worry and sense of Urgency.
“So, do you have any idea where we exactly are in The Multiverse right now?” Mark asked the others.


“Great. Just a little home renovation.” Aqua joked, her wings out as she helped out getting stuff out.

Sadie laughed, getting her stuff as she finished her latest kill. She was glad that this dimensions Sadie was now gone though she did miss playing with herself sometimes.

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Archangel Leonardo sighed.

“Normally, I would be all for a moment of humor, Aquaria. But trying times are upon us. I’m really not in too humorous of a mood…”

Michael knew things were bad if even Leonardo, usually the most optimistic of the angels, was filled with dread and despair.

“Sorry.” She looked away “any plans to deal with this?”

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Sophia and Logan clung to Bruce’s legs.
“Daddy, where are we?” Sophia asked fearfully.
“I… don’t know. We’ll figure this out, okay?” Bruce ruffled her hair.
Katrina surveryed the group.
“Is everybody alright?”

Meanwhile, Elias lay against a wall, bleeding out from his numerous severe injuries.

(@Mctoran or whoever plays Sadie as Elias’ sister?)


Xano was crouched looking at a device he was tinkering with. It was a splendid device, shaped like a glove and served a very special function, one he hoped to explore. It was a device he was calling “Project I-XANO”, which at it’s base was designed around the intricacies of Ignotium Energy, a strange energy source that an id showed him in his youth, before he became mad.

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“Worthless!” Glar said angrily, throwing his gun on the ground. " I was meamt to protect this prison from such a breakout, and I couldn’t!"

Nimrack looked at the captain’s dead body “Poor soul…” he said sarcasticly "You could have just…turtured him a bit. "

Hydron studied around the void "Far from home at best “he said maybe we could wait for a wandering ship, like just a phew more thousands of years?”

Aqua smiled “I don’t think anyone expected such a plan if escape.” She tried to calm glar down “all we can do now is improve so it never happens again.”

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Sadie crouched down beside Elias, and tended to his wounds as she wrapped them in shadow bandages.
“This should do, for a while at least…” she said to Elias.

“We dont have that much time, Hydron.” Richard said anxiously.

“What’s that?” Asked Mark as he looked down at Xano’s project.

Hopefully something that will get us home… he silently thought to himself.

“You think we didn’t try that already?” Asked The Gamemaster.

“This was not your fault, Glar; nor any of ours. As Aqua said, none of us were prepared.” Said Michael.

“I’m…not exactly sure…” Michael said, as he faced away from the others and stared at the wall.

Then, ge turned back to them.

“Well, I do have one idea…”

“Not enough” he chuckled in response

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That is besides the point. We still must find The Engine of this ship.” Kreel’s voice said to them.

Luxatium enters the room, unseen to all but the strongest of eyes. (And even those see just a shimmer of light.) What is his purpose in this? To observe before making himself known.

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Michael could see a faint hovering orb of light nearby, and he recognised it as a sign of Luxatium’s presence.
But seeing that others didn’t notice it, he decided not to mention it until something happened. Michael shot a subtle expression of acknowledgment at the orb, before turning back to the others.

“What idea?” Aqua asked, curious

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Xano looks up at Mark, holding the glove so it was more visible.
“It’s a little project I’m working on, based on the tech that made the Ash Bomb. Essentially it should be a way to manipulate Ignotium Energy with ease, which should have a host of abilities considering the energy. We should be able to make our own inter-dimensional gateways with precision and not only that but it’s also going to be my weapon.”

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“How long until it reaches completion?” Asked Richard

“It’s in the final stages of development, though I’ll need a source of I-energy to kickstart it into action.”

“Well where are we going to get that?”

“Well considering that Resonate’s armor runs off of Primordial Energy, I might be able to make a siphon to attract the I-energy. Ignotium Energy is related to space and the fabric of it, so I believe it is reasonable to estimate that I should be able to siphon something by using an energy of similar importance to the universe.”

Elias relaxed as she did so, however, a tear slipped down from his cheek.
“I’m so sorry.” He rasped. “I couldn’t control it.”

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