“You don’t have to be sorry.” Sadie said as she pulled the bandages tight.

“Elias, we can help you. No one knows how to deal with your problems better than us two.” Said Mark.

“What energy would that be?” Richard asked.

Elias shook his head.
“I should have been able to do it… but I let him control me. I don’t know why.” Another tear slipped down his cheek, and he hung his head in shame. “I hurt you, Mark. There’s no way I can do anything to make up for that.”

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“Well really any universal energy would work, Primordial, Xalnergy… basically what I’m planning to do is create a vacuum that will suck the nearby Ignotium Energy into on place,though I’ll need to finish the storing device to contain it.”

“There is one thing you can do, and that is forgive yourself.” Said Mark.
“I myself have lost control many times in the past. I hurt and sometimes even killed those who were close to me. I even hurt Sadie.” He said, his mind wandering for a moment.

“What I have done still haunts me. But I have learned that the only way to stop it, is to move on from the past and to try my best to control Berserker. Only then can our demons be conquered.”

“So, you need Xalnergy or Primordial as a base to attract the Ignotium energy?” Mark asked Richard.

Xano nods,
“At its simplest terms yes.”

Elias nodded, letting a few more tears escape his eyes.
He wiped them away and shakily stood up.

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“Well then I guess we’re back to square one, be cause I have no idea where to get either of those here”.

Meanwhile, on Celerion…
The Celestial military would receive an alert of approaching life signatures. Most were very similar to their own, but also… different at the same time. They were accompanied by some other life signatures that were completely alien in nature

Xano looks at him with disappointment,
“You’re forgetting that one of our members has armor that was made by the Celestials, a species which uses Primordial energy.”

Ruremaa alerts that they need to go to Signal 0. They need to prepare for war.

A droid pops in the dimension walking down a Celerion street. His name was C# 0003 and his plan was only beginning.

Llillaa, Novae, and Gure could be found training in preparation for this event.

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“Well then, do your thing.” Richard said.

Suddenly, Xalnergy portals opened all over Celerion as forces of Corrivalial began to appear.

A large Corrivalial exited a portal, holding something in his hand. It was the heavily damaged, scrapped body of a dead Celestial. Black spikes protruded from its body.

“Delaa says hi.” The Corrivalial said in a cold voice as he crushed the deceased Delaa’s skull and tossed it aside to the ground.

Xano Stands up stretch his back. He peers over looking at Resonate,
“Hey K! I need you!”

Resonate turns his head looking at Xano,

Xano asks,
“Mind if I borrow a thing of Primordial Energy?”

Resonate walks over, with a casing in hand,
“What do you need it for?”

Xano smiles,
“Well, with it I might find a way off this rock.”
He grabs the casing and begins his “magic”

Ruremaa order the attack, and cannons begin to fire at the Corrivalial. The three Celestials that were training get word and begin to head to the beginning battle, between the Celerions at the Corrivalials.

C# 0003 begins his plan in aiding the Celerions. Deep in his being he knew that they must not fall so soon, not until…his plan is complete.

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The Corrivalials’ hands began glowing with a purple light, and they fired repulsor beams of Xalnergy at The Celestials.

It would be met with the Celestials own weapon-grade shots of Primordial cannons, coming from below. Chaos ensued on the surface of the four major cities.

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Some Corrivalial were downed by the Primordial Energy blasts, but others were still left standing as they kept their ground and continued to reign destruction down upon The Celestials.

(What about that plan for the escaped prisoners? I’m waiting for a reply.)

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The Celerions would do the same, some would fall to the Xalnergy and others kept fighting.

The droid acted as a Celestial blending in within the chaos. He thought he felt something a while ago, but now he did not know.

Xano grabs an object from his neck. It was a small locket, in which he kept a picture of his family, from the last time they were all together. The locket had was engraved with a small gem, a gem that Xano pried from the locket then threw away the locket.

Xano then added the gem to a circuit he was preparing for the “thing”. Once the circuit was complete he activated the siphon and bright light was created, a fraction of the sun’s light but it was nearly blinding.

The light was then followed by shadow as if the light was sucked into the siphon. Strands of energy followed the darkness and the siphoning was complete. There was an audible but quiet ding as the process was finished, kinda like a microwave.

Xano cut the power to the machine and opened it up to see the gem. The gem he took from the locket was glowing with miniaturized bundles of Ignotium Energy visible through the glow of yellow light. He grabbed the gem and fixed to his glove-like device. It was complete.

Xano stands up and yells,
“YES! It’s Complete!”

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“So what now?” Asked Richard to Xano.

Hmm Luxatium thinks. I didn’t think he’d be able to do that. Using primordial energy to find I energy. Not bad at all.


“Well I got a date see you.” Aqua left the scene, bored of helpling now that it was under control but being stopped as Sadie approached “hey babe. I thought you weren’t coming.” She laughed, kissing aqua.

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Xano looks at Richard,
“Well…the device is powered, I can now manipulate stray ignotium energy with somewhat ease, nothing compared to what Karma could do. However give me time and I can make a gateway to another universe. However…I don’t quite know how to make it precise, but I can learn.”

Bruce and Katrina sat on the ground, keeping Sophia and Logan occupied.
Elias was still propped up against the wall, but he seemed better and was watching the group.
Connor sat on a piece of rubble, his thoughts straying to home.

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