“I’m sure we could find some way to estimate the coordinates.” Mark said to Xano.

The Corrivalial continued to attack Celerion, meanwhile. They fired barrages upon barrages of Xalnergy blasts at everything in sight, disintegrating countless Celerion structures.

Michael’s eyes narrowed in suspicion as Aqua left, but again he did not say anything.
“Anyways, my plan is first and foremost to track down these escaped prisoners. We must not let them stay out there and continue to cause chaos.”

“I found something.” Savager said as he tore something out of a large mechanism.
“This must be ‘the engine’.” He said as he examined the engine.

“Indeed it is.” Said Queen Kreel’s voice.
“Now you must head back to The Realm of Death. It is time we start planning.”

On Earth, Yakiv and the others in Steel Branch would receive an alert. It was something about a mysterious gas attacking people in the city.

“Planning what?” Asked the Empress, bemused.

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“Why, isnt it obvious? We are planning to take control of what is rightfully ours.” Plague Knight said.

“And why would I share it with you?”

“I’m afraid we all have to share it. But no worry, the beauty of The Multiverse is that it’s infinite.”

“I’m the only being perfect enough to rules, you should all answer to me by default.”

“WMD ATTACK!” Screams Taraskovich

“New Evo?!” Questions Yakiv scarcely believing the monitors

“What’s the type?” Quietly asks ‘Mad Boris’ “Radioactive, biohazard or chemical?”

“Unknown…” replied Taraskovich with sweat trickling down her forehead “I need you deployed as soon as possible, full hazard gear…lethal force authorised. Collateral damage is not a concern… we’ll have to let the national guard handle evacuation.”

“We shall cross that bridge when we get to it…” Plague Knoght slowly said, his eyes narrowing at The Empress from behind his mask.

She will definately be a problem later. I just get rid of her as soon as I have the chance.

Upon arriving to the scene, Yakiv and the others would find Toxin and several Scourge soldiers attacking citizens with zombifying mind control gas.

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Xano looks at Mark,
“This is a gateway, kinda like how the id travel. When I met Karma he appeared from one of these gateway. My estimation is the gateways are like a network and you only need to know the right channel. That being said…”
Xano focus his hand manipulating the loose ignotium energy (id would not be affected by this) nearby and started to shape into a large rectangular panel,
“Now for the hard part…”
The panel shrunk till it became a small point, then expanded immensely until it was about the size of a door again,
“Welp…here it is a random doorway…”
The gateway opened, and on the other side was a “random” universe.

(seeing as the only power source on Celerion is Primordial Energy I don’t see that happening soo easily…)

While some fell a few towers stood strong with their veins of primordial energy pulsing through them.

Ruremaa sends a signal, a plead for help to Earth using the TMS.

Watcher gazes at them, keeping himself more in the background>
(why was I @ ed?)

Swordbreaker watches in the shadows. His red eyes glowing with a vigorous and ominous evil radiating from them.

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Sadie laughed, knowing what he was thinking as she left with her girlfrend “we should go further next time babe. Its obviously you’re well known.” Aqua joked.

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Luxatium, seeing nothing else to do in the ruins of whitegate, follows Xeno and his group.

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“Open fire.”

The three soldiers began shooting into the horde with ballistic weapons aiming for joints and limbs rather than the centre of mass

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The group would be transported to the other side, but wouldn’t find themselves back on Earth.
Instead, they were someplace else. A void of what seemed to be endless black. But when everyone’s vision cleared, they would see stars dotting the distance. Everyone would find that they were standing on a hard, rocky surface.

They were in space.

Christine Warren would receive the signal at her base.
“What the Hell…?” She mumbled to herself as she listened to the signal.

Simon looked on as he watched his soldiers fight Yakiv and the others. A twisted smile crossed his face.

“…are we on the moon?” Connor asked.

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“No, I don’t think so…it looks like some place entirely different…” mark said as he looked around.

Bruce and Katrina, who were holding Sophia and Logan’s hands, looked around as well.
“Well, that’s fantastic.” Bruce deadpanned.

Elias limped towards Mark, his eyes wide as he scanned the landscape.

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“Xano, where did you bring us?” Richard sighed.

Xano looks into the stars. His left hand gripping onto what remained of the locket. Wherever they were was somewhere…Xano sighs,
“Well, unless anyone wants to stay here, I’ll try again.”
The receptors in his glove gives him a feedback to his nerves. Xano from the receptors begins to formulate an ID for this universe. Perhaps, with this reception he can target specific universes.

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Mark’s eyes narrowed as he saw…something.

“Look, over there. In the distance…” mark said as he pointed out to the horizon

Elias, Connor, Bruce, Katrina, Sophia, and Logan all looked.