There were some leftovers from Bruce’s damaged armor, it was his helmet, placed down on the table as it had been activated and it released a message, Bruce has recorded, a long while ago…

Suddenly Bruce would appear but it was in this blue holographic projection, he was sitting on a chair, he actually took his armor off and was wearing clothes on this one.

“My father…who I awfully bring out a lot in these kinds of emotional conversation, told me that everyone is like an open book, with blank pages that throughout your life they fill up with the events you have partaken during your life…” He said as he looked at Katrina.

“…and so because everyone is a book, they are a story, and at times some people’s story may not have a happy ending and I don’t know how my story will end, we all certainly fear of eventually becoming forgotten and at some point, I, too, maybe forgotten but what’s beautiful about us is not because we last, but rather it is a privilege to be among our loved ones. For we shall ever live in our memories of our loved ones, right…?” He asked, having a smile on his face.
“So whenever you play this back, I hope it won’t be something too tragic but rather in a way of celebrating whatever I did do in the near future. I hope everything is back to normal, everything is restored and families, most importantly are back together, and our world, man, well a Multiverse now by the looks of things.” He chuckled briefly.

“If you would have told me that we live in a large more significant world, that we were just a piece of the puzzle that was our Multiverse, I wouldn’t be very surprised…probably slightly shocked, scared and out of my mind, but well it is what it is. We have to accept this reality that we are not alone in this Multiverse, that there are other living things like us, for better or worse, is the reality Logan and Sophie will have to grow up in.” He crossed his arms as he leaned against his chair.

“Thankfully, I found an area where I could record this message in case of an untimely death that was on my part. Though not to be mistaken that death at any time is ever timed.” He said as he gazed off looking somewhere else.

“This thing we are going to pull off, the survivability of all of this is wrapping around my head and I don’t know if I’m going to make it. But well, that is the Hero’s Journey, right?” He asked. “The Hero doesn’t always survive the Journey…and.” He stopped. “What am I fussing about…” He said standing up as he walked towards Katrina, Sophie, and Logan. “Everything is going to work out just fine…”

“Love you tons…” And with that, the message ended.

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Katrina silently sobbed as she listened, hugging her children close to her.
Mark, Sadie, Jack, Mary, Elias and Richard all sat in somber silence throughout the speech, mourning their fallen friend.

Later, outside, a larger and more public funeral was held. It was a memorial service, not just for Bruce but for every hero who had died in the line of duty as well. It was cold and wet that day in the Heroes’ Park Cemetery. Loved ones of those who had died went up to the podium, and gave speeches about them and their lives.
Special tombstones were reserved for the heroes, and monuments were erected to commemorate and honor those who did not leave behind a body.

At the front of the graveyard, there stood five tall pillars with all the names of “The Fallen”, everyone who died in the conflict of The Xir’algath’s invasion, Civilian and Hero and Villain alike, engraved on them.

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Three new graves stood next to one that had been placed ten years ago. These were the graves of the members of Steel branch. On each grave names and dates were inscribed as well as a single four word epitaph.
“Gone but not forgotten”
A woman in a large dark coat holding a small finely crafted black umbrella stood in front of the headstones. Dr Taraskovich, last member of Steel branch.

“війна закінчена, можна нарешті спати.” she said, before turning away.


Jack, Nathan, Connor, and Magnus all wore uniforms for the funeral as they bowed their heads down and paid respect to Bruce, but not only to him but to every fallen hero that has died in saving the Multiverse.

Connor was fighting his tears as he sniffled, Jack said nothing as he held a professional face but deep down inside him, it did kind of hurt as Nexus was also quiet.

Magnus walked towards Mark. “I miss him already…” He said to Mark.


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Rohan stood with the young Kyran, the two dressed in dark robes.
“Who was he?” Kyran asked Rohan.
“A great man. I didn’t know him for long. But he was good, and didn’t deserve to die.”


On Bruce’s grave, there was something inscribed in it…

“The man who tried to walk the righteous path…”

Jack would see this as he approaches Bruce’s tomb. “You fool…” He said with a whisper, closing his eyes as he forced himself not to cry. “You were supposed to dual me after this…but now you are not here…so who will take after you?” He asked, knowing he won’t get any answers.

Connor, on the other hand, was silently blaming himself for this but he will have to live in a world where Bruce Morgan wouldn’t be around, but he could feel the hand of Magnus on his shoulder. He abruptly turned towards Magnus. “Oh, it’s you…” He said in relief.

“Katrina gave me this…” He handed him the box. “She took it from Bruce’s lab, back home. It is something that he never quite saw it to the end…a functional AI, More advanced than Mercy herself.” He said.

Connor opened it and he saw it was just a watch and sunglasses. “Thank you…” He said as he looked at Magnus confused and then back at the gift.

There was a letter that wrote…

A Hero’s Journey has an End. This is mine. But even in Death, I am not Forgotten…

-Bruce Morgan.

And on that paper, it wrote something else: Artificial Labile Intelligence Cybernated Existence, aka A.L.I.C.E.

“Huh, Alice…” Connor muttered as he placed the glasses on and the watch.

“He would have wanted you to have it,” Magnus said, patting his shoulder. “You’ll do the right thing with it.”

“I will do my best.” Connor nods.

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Mark nodded.
“I miss him to. But of it weren’t for him, none of us would be here today.”

“Hey dad…” Jack said, tugging on Mark’s hand.
“Can we get some ice cream?” He asked.

Mark slowly smiled. “…Sure. Let’s get ice cream.”

With that, he, Sadie, Jack and Mary walked off into the sunset.
As they walked, Mark had an epiphany: he won. He made it. He finally got what he wanted: a normal life, and a loving family.

With that, Mark briefly stopped and pumped his fist into the air with triumph.

Epilogue: Where are they now?

(Basically, what did all these characters go on to do? Basically like those blurbs the end of a biopic)


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White Hood in a way stopped being a mercenary and became more of an Anti-Hero person after his cure of insanity and through what he went through in saving the Multiverse, he certainly had enough for a lifetime being a villain, though he kept in touch with Christine Warren and he is once again working for her, but nothing too crazy, just the usual CIA jobs.

Nexus or now Ethan went back in the woods and continued his training with his so-called mentor, to become a master of his own body and eventually through him getting a job he was also able to move on with a woman that became his girlfriend and now they are thinking about marring, it was good, Ethan finally had the life he once wanted.

Connor visited his dad and, of course, they had a little heart to heart talk. He basically told his father that he was Spider-Man, despite him knowing that his son was doing something weird he was still freaked out but soon began to accept that his son is no longer a teenager but rather a grown man. Connor is a smart guy so he took over the Morgan Industries and brought it up into a new direction, Connor since he always was good at heart he would do the right thing, that is why Bruce entrusted him with Alice, the World’s first completely functional AI.

“Alice?” Spider-Man asked as he was sitting on top of Morgan Industries building, his leg swaying back and forth as he had the glasses on.

“Yes, Connor. What can I do for you?” Alice asked in a sweet and soft voice.

“Route me out a map for a swinging race, please?” Connor said.

Really…?” Impulse asked before scoffing. “Bruce gave you this incredible piece of technology and you are using it to map out your swinging races…?

“Relax, Impulse, I want to have some fun…I think we have done enough heroism for a lifetime even.” Connor chuckled as Alice scanned a map. “Here you go, Connor, have fun,” Alice said to him.

“Oh, I will,” Connor said." And thanks by the way." And with that Spider-Man leaped off the edge of Morgan Industries building, while Connor was no next Bruce Morgan, he would wait until his children will take the Legacy of Bruce Morgan, until then, Connor will keep his mentor’s legacy safe, that much he owned him…

“YAAHOOOOOO!” He let out a burst of joyful laughter. "NOT SO FAST…CONNOOORRR!!!" Impulse’s voice echoed as Spider-Man was swinging by.

Meanwhile in the Realm of Life…

Things have been looking up well for Cassiel and his welcome, every angel was glad to see him back and some were even as interested as to what he has seen during his travels through the Multiverse.

Cassiel sat down, having Auriel behind him far back as he was telling a grandiose adventure of a group of Heroes and how they unlocked the mysteries of the Multiverse and that he himself was there to see, the kids were fascinated before they went back to playing.

Ezekiel also was demonstrating his powers and abilities to his father, showing that he had both inherited his good side and Auriel’s.

Cassiel smiled before patting his son. “Good job, son,” Cassiel said proudly of him. “Now just like I’ve thought you.” He smiled before walking back to Auriel, wrapping his arm around her waist and kissing her passionately. “I love you, Auriel…” He said through their kiss.

Magnus was rather walking around and had a conversation with Grand Michael, he had both Soulbreaker and Chaosbreaker attached on his back as he crossed his arms. “You know, after so long…after everything we have done and accomplished…” He starts. “I have no idea what I should do next…I truly have no path anymore…” He shook his head as he looked at the beauty of his city and how every angel was living in harmony and happiness.

“Cassiel is back, living happily with Auriel and now they will be teaching Ezekiel what they have learned, passing it down from generation to generation, there will be a new generation of Angels…” Magnus said. “And for me…there is nothing else to do.”

He then remembered Bruce. “I will never forget him…Bruce that is,” Magnus said. “For a man, he had quite the complex, but he always meant it right, he was courageous and more than often sacrificed his own life to save others.” He smiled. “What a remarkable man, Bruce Morgan is…” He nods.

Then Magnus went silent as he looked around and then he could feel a sensation catching his glare up above on the sky, there appeared a figure, more so the face was recognizable, it was Bruce in heaven, giving Magnus a definitive smirk before fading away…

“Ah, I see…” Magnus muttered, before he walked towards the beautiful park with white trunked trees and golden leaves as beautiful crystal clear lakes were around the path way Magnus was walking.

Magnus had a free path and he could be whatever he wanted to be, for he has achieved something ever so great, he is his own being now. Because of that Magnus would choose to watch over the Realm of Life, being its main muscle as well as an Guardian to Earth that was ever so watchful.

He would also eventually talk with Cassiel about the Multiverse and what secrets it hides. “You really want to travel through the Multiverse?” Cassiel asked.

“Well, what else is there for me to do?” Magnus said.

Cassiel nods. “Alright, if that is your wish. But return with the knowledge you gain, there is so much to this Multiverse, I have yet to discover. Who knows, maybe you will find its deepest of secrets.” He extends his hand to Magnus.

He grasps it and shakes hands with Cassiel, before nodding his head. And so he made his way out of the Realm of Life, walking down the path before levitating off the ground.

“It may seem like an ending to all of this…but once a wise man said, it is not the end, only a new beginning…” Magnus then set out an adventure to discover the hidden mysteries and secrets of the Multiverse…


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Dr. Amaru X had decided to devoting his life to studying The Source, seeking to observe and learn as it grew and developed.

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Taraskovich quit her job. She’d had enough of it all and decided to just live the rest of her life in relative peace and quiet. One time a burglar broke into her apartment whilst she was sleeping. Said burglar was beaten within an inch of his life by mechanical proxies of Steel branch. It was a good Tuesday.

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All of The Five have made efforts to communicate more amongst each-other, and establish a Multiversal peace. The Xir’algath, seeing the errors in their ways, have also contributed to the rebuilding of a Multiversal government amongst The Five.
Additionally, The Five have sought to share The Source energy amongst themselves, and use whatever secrets they unlock from it for constructive and peaceful reasons.

The Plague Doctor cult disbanded, as their deities, in effect, no longer existed. and Trevor Hartman, now brought back, has reformed WESD and is now using the company to do good things that are beneficial to Earth and society.

Director Christine Warren went into semi-retirement, stepping down as head of The CIA. Though she still helped to guide and mentor White Hood as he did work for the Government.

Detective Robert Pierce completely retired from his work as a detective, deciding that he had seen and done enough to last for several lifetimes.

Katrina Morgan has founded several philanthropy causes, and Sophie and Logan are training to one day become heroes themselves.

Richard Servastus devoted his fortune to noble causes as well, such as charities and the funding of projects that were beneficial to society. He also continued his work as a hero, doing as much as he could to step out of the shadow of his grandfather’s legacy.

Elias Crawn has rehabilitated himself, and with the help of Umbrian, the new Shadow King, he has mastered complete control over his shadow powers.

Jack and Mary Mcneil wish to become heroes, just like their parents. Despite Mark and Sadie’s protests, they know that they cannot stop their children from following their path and fulfilling their dream.

Sadie Volara has retired from hero-ing, now focused on supporting her family at home and being there for her children. She has never been any more happier in her life.

And Mark Mcneil? Well, he eventually mounted Skullbreaker on his wall and hung up his armor, choosing to instead lead a normal life. Additionally, he wrote a self-help/memoir book, titled “It’s Okay to be a Hideously Mutated Monster, as Long as You Make it Look Cool.”

The End


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