Catalyst for Matoran Civil War [Characters] [Pitch]

Good day! You most likely don’t know me, I only joined today to write this topic, as I very much love the concept of Bionicle G3 and wanted to help it in some way.

Without further delay, what do I purpose?
Well, the Matoran Civil War in year 2 (or 3?) has to have some catalyst, the “last drop” to it. My idea?

Assasination of Kopaka’s sister by Tahu.

WHAT?! Assasination?! By Tahu?! And Kopaka has a sister?! Have you gone completely mad?!

Yeah, probably, but hear me out. I do know that we are very much into the story already, and adding more important characters might be too late for, but this is a good idea in my eyes. (If we already have a set catalyst, let me know, but keep reading, please.)

Kopaka is the prince of Kingdom of Ihu, am I right? Well, kings rarely have only one or two children, so Kopaka having a sister makes sense.

The character

(Potential look of Lumi in G1? We could still use kanohi Huna)

Kopaka’s sister, (let’s name her Lumi for the sake of simplicity) would not be a strong in body. She would actually be pretty weak and sickly, making her seem small and unimportant. What she lacked in health and body, she would compensate with her heart, though. (Wow, this looks more clishé than I thought)
As she would be kind hearted to her sibling(s) and even to her villigers, she would be loved by all, the Ihuans seeing her as a kind and loving princess.

The murder

I believe TTV already played with the idea of Tahu visiting Ihu at one of their podcast. Let’s make it a bit spicy, shall we?
I purpose that during his visit to Ihu, Tahu visits Kopaka and his sister Lumi. (Name will probably be changed.)
This would be because tentions have risen over the years between the Mangai and Ihu matorans, and Tahu wanted to “cool” it down a bit, by his friendly visit to Ihu. This would however end in disaster.

Option no. 1
Because of Tahu’s “hotness”, and Kylma’s poor health, when he would shake her hand, she would get pretty badly burned. (There we run into few probles, such as, how would a mechanical being get burned? We’ll touch on that later)
She would most likely die from her injuries few days later.

Option no. 2
Tahu would accidentally cause a crash of ceiling, fall of a tower or even a snowslide, that would bury and crush young Lumi.

The aftermath and consequences

Because of this, Kopaka would render large amount of hate towards Tahu. (No s***, Sherlock) and by the Ihuans, it would be seen as an attempted and succesful assasination of their princess by the Mangai tribe, even though it was an accident, but YOU try to explain that to them.

With this, Mangai and Ihu would go to open war, Ihuans seeing it as revenge for the assasination of their beloved princess and Mangai seeing it as unjustified incrimination of their Toa aswell as a reason for Ihu to conquer more territory.

What options does it open?

Well, with this pitch, Matorans could add “health” to their “realism”. Meaning, Matorans could get sick and die from it, or even have low immunity. With the option no.1, they could also get badly burned from heat.
We also have an amaizing catalyst for the civil war, what better reason to go to war than have your princess assasinated by the enemy tribe?
More character developement. (Of course) Tahu and Kopaka would recieve huge amounts of it, and their “brothers” and “sisters” Toa aswell, some Toa would pick their sides, either seeing the assasination as justified, or seeing it as an accident.

The problems?

Alright, now I am just digging my own grave, but I feel I have to adress this so I am fair.
There are few problems, I will not hide that.

One of them being adding so important character so late in the story, but since we haven’t even started it pretty much, (At least not in the “physical” form) I think we still have time for some changes, Lumi wouldn’t have to be introduced all that much, only few sentences about her and maybe an appearence of her beside Kopaka.

Next one is, how will the Toa even come together after that? Oh yeah, this is the big one that will be hard to solve.
Oh, maybe not as much. Have you ever heard saying “What more shall bring enemies together, than a common enemy?” Yes, this would be a perfect appearence for even a bigger villian. May that be Makuta, Karzahni or even Skakdi or Barraki, (I am planning a special thread on those)

What do you think?

I know this will probably be debunked and burried as a failed idea, but I still felt that I just had to write it. More options better than less, right?

Please, tell me what do you think of this. This is my first ever contribution to the messageboards and I would love to get some feedback.
Thank you for reading this whole! I really appriciate it!


First off welcome to the boards! The idea for this is a good one and i really like it. It just doesn’t seem necessary for it to happen tensions are already very high between the two tribes, and you don’t need anything as big as tahu killing kopakas sister to start the war. Kopaka and tahu are supposed to be rivals yes but if some one killed 2 of your family members you would probably hate there guts, keep in mind they still have to be on the same team.

Thank you for your answer!

I am aware of the tensions, but every conflict needs a catalyst, that “last drop” that will light the fire.
That part about the same team: Yes, that is the main problem I will have to fix. The main reason they would have to get back together would most likely be that common enemy, far more powerful than all the kingdoms on the island, be that Karzahni or Makuta, or even a new thread from some other island.

While I’m not a hundred percent on your pitch, the way you write and have self criticism I can really appreciate. Keep up this style with some fresh ideas. And welcome to the boards!

Killing off Ihu royal family like it was Game of thones.

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@Janys_Khan Thank you very, very much! I have already written one more topic for Brickonicle, I am only making it better and will post it later today or tomorrow.

@ZceeNook Well, Game of Thrones does have a pretty good and complex story. (At this point, only the books, the show is keeping it simple) And we can learn a lot from it.
For example take Varys and Littlefinger. Extremely complex characters with different motives that keep the story full of surprises and mysteries. We could use characters such as these!

Let’s not “keep it simple” as G2 did!

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well I like it but isn’t the war started by the Vakos when the managians drove them out?

Please look at the date this was created.