The Great Beings [Worldbuilding] [Pitch]

Hello! You probably do not know me, I am new to message boards and only joined today, I already wrote one topic, depicting my idea for the catalyst of Matoran Civil War, HERE.
This is my second thread, but, it is about something completely different! Let’s get into it, shall we?

Ah, yes, the Great Beings. Screwed up everything they got their hands on, from Spherus Magna to the Great Spirit Robot and it’s inhabitants.

What about them in G3?

Who are the Great Beings?

Well, in G1, the Great Beings are a “Great Mystery”. In G3, it looks like TTV made the Great Beings be Ekimu, Makuta and Karzahni.
Personally, I really do not like this idea. Call me dumb or rebellious, but I loved the idea of the Great Beings in G1.

Who were the Great Beings?

I think we all know this, but the Great Beings were the reason why all of Bionicle happened. They caused the Core War, the shattering of Spherus Magna, the building of the Great Spirit Robot. They always appeared in the distance, watching. The same was done for Velika, who was revealed to be a Great Being in disguise.

Who should be the Great Beings in G3?

My idea would be to make the Great Beings what they were in G1. The Creators. I suggest that we make the Great Beings the makers of Mata Nui, who then had his children, Ekimu, Makuta and Karzahni, the Great Gods.
The Great Beings would observe the world and all of it’s inhabitants, aswell as it’s gods.

Apart from that, we could explain and add different species from Matoran into the universe. Species of characters such as Barraki or Zyglak, Krekka’s species of even Tren Krom, could all be created by the Great Beings to see how Mata Nui’s creations will rect to them.

The Great Reveal

Although I hate humanizing Toa and Matoran, this idea in my eyes is brilliant. How about we make the Great Beings be Humans?
Even though Greg himself said that the Great Beings are not us, I think it would be a brilliant concept.

What do humans like the most? Play gods.

Why else create an all-powerfull being like Mata-Nui who would create all the other living organisms?

The Fear

We all know our amaizing and friendly Velika. So weird and mysterious. Oh, yes, this is what I think would be amaizing. Why not have some Great Beings disguise themselves as Matoran, like Velika did? It would add mystery to the mythos and uncertainty to Matoran.

The Mystery

We could even have some Great Beings be some weird messangers/hallucinations, wearing never before seen masks, long robes with capes and holding other-worldly staffs.
They would show up from time to time and make Matoran question their sanity. They could influence the story itself in some ways, making even the all-powerfull gods like Ekimu and Makuta uncertain, and Karzahni hide in fear of what they could do.

The potential

Here lies the jewel of Great Beings. Their amaizing potential for G3. We could use them whenever we wanted, as they are watchers that, from time to time, interfere or show up to someone.

To who?

Well, how about half-insane, or half-dead Matorans? They would look like hallucinations, and the Great Beings themselves would have a lot of fun. (Like I said previously, what do humans love more than playing gods?)
There could even be a secret cult worshipping them, like a cult that worships C’thullu.
This cult would be comprised of Matoran driven insane by Karzahni, or even the Great Beings themselves.

And they could even show and talk to the Toa! Trying to drive Kopaka or Tahu insane, or go against each other. (This is another catalyst to the Matoran Civil War, my other idea being the assasination of Kopaka’s sister, thread about it is linked at the beginning)
I could see a scene where Kopaka is furious, standing in his chambers after an argue with Tahu. A shadowy figure appearing behind him, driving him half-insane and wanting him to kill Tahu…
Wow! This would make for a great short story! I will write it immediately after this!

What of it?

Well, we have a new mystery to Brickonicle! And what is better than a big and amaizing mystery that will keep the audience wandering what it’s meaning is?!
I think the Great Beings are full of potential, it would be a bad idea to (sorry for the word) “waste” it on only Ekimu, Makuta and Karzahni.
Of course, the Three Brothers could be still what they are now, only not called the Great Beings, but… Great Gods…? We would come up with something.

Bionicle has always had a large mythos, from the mystery of the Bohrok, the origin of Makuta and Mata Nui, the Red Star, origin of Toa. We should expand this mythos in G3, it would only improve it in my eyes.

The Problems

Ah, yes, I have to be fair and adress the problems.
The first one: How would the Great Beings control what Mata Nui creates, or how they are not affected by some mask powers? (Ie. not going insane from the powers of Karzahni)

Well, that might be explained by the fact that they would be more powerful aswell as separate species. (Maybe humans.)

The second one: How would we incorporate them into the story “nicely”?
As I said, we could make them some form of messangers, appearing from time to time.
But, that still raises a question why don’t they interfere more, or why don’t they do things they could at the time.

As for the creation of beings by Mata Nui: What if the Great Beings control Mata Nui? What if they choose what he creates?


Thank you very much for reading this! I will appriciate any form of feedback!


So, are all of the Great Beings evil, or are some good and some evil.

If some are good and some are evil, is there a civil war between them?

No one is truly good and evil. Everyone is capable of great love and great hatred.
Being part of one species does not make is evil. (Krika, for example)

The Great Beings are simply all-powerful. What do you do when you are all-powerful? You use that power.

What do you use it for? Well, you are curious, so you create.

You created, what now? Let’s have some fun!

That is basically how the Great Beings created and operate the world… Yeah… Take it like you have ants as pets.

You like to see them doing their own thing, but where’s the fun in that? Let’s pour some water in it!
Wow, fascinating! The ants survived it, what more? They are even thriving! Alright, let’s add one more colony for them!

That is what I think Great Beings think of the world and it’s inhabitants. Ants and colonies. Places to experiment and have fun, be fascinated by.

I meant more along the lines of “If you had to stick each of the Great Beings into the Good or Evil category,” or maybe “On a scale from Pure Good to Pure Evil, where do each of the Great Beings line up?”

I feel that if some of the Great Beings gave their creations respect and love, and some just used their creations as playthings (like ants and colonies), there could be a tremendous conflict amongst them, resulting in a cataclysmic war. Maybe, Mata Nui could be created out of that conflict.

Also, just because someone finds something fun, it doesn’t mean what they’re doing isn’t evil.

Perhaps the story takes place a long time in the future when humanity has ascended to a point where we can create life and other such things.

@Bokarda Well, to say the truth, I have no idea.

As I said, Great Beings should be a mystery. Even I, who propose to add them to the story, do not know everything about them.
Maybe there was a civil war, maybe there wasn’t. That is the great thing about mysteries.

@Idhren That is exactly what I was going for! Yes!

Kinda takes away from the mystical aspect G3 is going for, I think. Still, sounds pretty interesting.

If the Great Beings are ‘humans’, they could just be the TTV Cast. I can imagine the Overlords El’Jah and Ka’Hi fighting ferociously in the cosmos as the others watch silently :laughing:.

That raises the question, though. In the initial post of this topic, it was suggested that the Great Beings act as shadowy figures, almost like ghost from how I read it. I have an idea as to how they could achieve that, but maybe @AntrozT6 wants to leave it unknown?

Ah, yes, I do!

That is the goal of the Great Beings! Do not explain them! Keep them exactly what they are! A Mystery!

How do they appear so suddenly and leave so suddenly aswell? No one knows! It’s creepy!

I even wrote a short story on that, Here!

Very interesting premise, ties back to G1’s Great Beings well. I have a list dedicated to potential material the TTV could use, and this has just made it.

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Thank you, very much!

I think it’s a bit too late in the game for this much change. It is a interesting pitch though

It could just be some background fluff, if they don’t use it in the story.

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Gotta say, while I’m conflicted about having another layer of deities on top of the two we already have, I’ve never been a huge fan of making the Great Beings human. I always felt that Bionicle works best in a world completely seperate from our own.

That being said, I do like the idea of at least the possibility of other species existing; however, I don’t think hat the crew does. I agree that, for me, the wider universe of G1’s story really appealed to me, but I think that for G3, the crew wants to stay focused on Artahka and the Matoran’s story.

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This could got wrong in a Lovecraftian way.
Specially with the pitch on looking too far into the past. Tahu