CCBS Matoran MOCs

My po matoran


(edit: new photo now with hands and pickaxe! tell me what you guys think also sorry for low quality.)

New MOC Onapuss


…He has no hands.

I don’t know what to say other than that.


His face… Looks like Pudding…

Anyways, I personally like him, but I’ll have to agree with @Vuhii about the no hands thing.

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@Vuhii Was before his hands were dry.

@PluralLego Again Hands were not dry

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Also, you could have put the whole fact about the hands not drying into the description.

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What if he was a victim of the llamas with hats?

This is a creative and really good build!

Yeah this is the only issue that this MOC seems to have.


i keep saying this his hands were not dryed.

also his Kanohi was not as dry.

i hope its a good design though.

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Thanks Do you think this is a good design?

the one issue i’ve gound is that his arm articulation is a bit limited

Pretty decent.

My only complaints are the shoulders stick out a bit too much and the lack of hands, but that’s about it. :slight_smile:

the shoulders being like that was actually a design choice. that i really liked

i tried to imitate this

trying to imitate old tahu shoulders :smiley: also he has hands (and a carving pickaxe)
however in this photo his hands were still being Primed to be painted

Yeah, that is pretty subjective, and if you personally like it, that’s fine. I just don’t like it all that much.

I like the look of him! The colors are very interesting.

I want to see him with hands too…

That’s alright

@Garnira the colours are Burnt Sienna Black and Cocoa

He’s meant to be a Po matoran Carver who also sells Carving pickaxes

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