Chaos' Creation (Signup)

You wake up on a plateau on a mountain in the middle of what seems like a desert, with other oddities in the land surrounding, and can feel a strange, chaotic energy surrounding the place, and the last thing you remember is being sucked into some strange rift. Around you is a group of people. Will you help them, or hinder them, it's up to you to decide...

Rules: no OP characters
No limits on number of characters, but keep it reasonable.
Can't kill/cripple/maim/etc. another persons character without permission.
Little to no Deus ex machina-ing


I'm gonna put my signup here before it even begins.

Name: Kobrekhan (Cob-reh-khan)
Title: The Venomous Snake
Gender: Male
Species: Kranatakh (imagine a small T-rex, with reasonable arm-size and 4 fingers. That's him.)
Weapons: Back-mounted light caliber AA-cannon, dual pistols. (AA-cannon takes literally forever to charge.)
Powers/abilities: AA-cannon, deals moderate damage, but takes an hour to charge up; pistols, little damage; claws, talons and teeth.
Appearance: Brown coated scaly small T-rex. More manageable, less adorable.
Bio/personality: Bio: Kobrekhan was always different. He wanted to volunteer to the space academy, being the first male in a matriarchal society to leave the safety of the planet Karamiock. He was the first to succeed and topple the gender-prejudice, on which the society cast him out, but before they did that, they mounted a light Anti-Air gun on his back, signifying the rank "Outcast". Personality: A happy-go-lucky but sometimes extremely sadistic person. Does not talk too often, uses mostly sign-language.

D-did I do good...?

Name: Jim
Titles: The Invincible Grapefruit
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Weapons: Two pistols.
Powers/Abilities: Intelligence.
Appearance: The average Jim.
Personality: Changes daily.

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@DG_Eddie, @Jal and @BBricks accepted. Now it's my turn.

Name: Runa
Titles:Bringer of Death
Gender: Male
Species: Kaiko
Weapons: scythe, claw gauntlet
Powers/abilities: energy manipulation, flight, decay, super speed, regeneration, "True Form"(glows a bright green and is powered up much more than usual, but has little control.)

Bio/personality: A kind, playful and fun man who is quite wise, yet hides it behind his playfulness in favor of letting others learn for themselves. Very difficult to anger, yet very, very dangerous when he is.

This is the first of a few.


So... Is it off or do we want to wait for, I don't know, the 10 mark?

I'd say we wait a bit for more people.

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I'll join, after remaking Nexus.


Hey @Runa, is it okay if I make a secondary character to go with my main character? It's not important for my character's story, merely for another character to play as.

What universe is this in? Bionicle?

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@Jal Yes, and @Shadowrockboy190 kinda, it's more of a hodgepodge of all sorts of universes, you can use any character you've made up as long as it's not op

Ok what do you expect from a character? What should I describe?

What do you mean "what should I describe?" Please elaborate.

@Runa i mean what type of characteristics

Should I describe Lego or regular real life looking things?

Also can I just make up a species

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Just someone interesting and not boring, those are really the only guidelines for characteristics. Otherwise, go wild.

And yes, you can make a new species. I did. Also, I'd fix that double post.

Ok thanks!!

I'll join. I just need to think and make some good characters.

Name: arakhin
Gender: male
Species: anemesian cyborg
Weapons: twin energy revolvers, energy katana, small exo-suit schematics and gear
Powers/abilities: invisibility, can jump high, combat skills, mind reading
Appearance: large tall lizard like, cyborg parts, half cyborg on face, cyborg hand, Exo-suit
Bio/personality once a small time guard now an mercenary/assassin for hire arakhin is a small time super skilled combat specialist who has 11 years of war experience. Arakhin is quiet, but vigilant, and is really deep down caring


Alright when do we start

That is currently undecided, but not tonight.