Character MOC WIP

Well here we go…

I’m making a MOC of my character! (No name yet…) Before you start say “THAT’S A DISGRACE FIX THE COLOR AND GET OUT OF HERE,” I just want to say, this was a test, I’ll fix the pieces and color later, I just wanted to get the idea down.

Anyways, the head was a jerk. It wouldn’t look right no matter what. So please giving me ideas to the head (and some of the body too if you want).


I forgot to say one more thing, the colors.
The mask is going to be a custom painted infected miru, and the rest is going to be dark green, mata green and lime

I would say armor-up the shoulders and maybe some of the body, as for the head, try a '01-'03 head, if that doesn’t work, I’m sorry.


Haha anything will work! This is my first ever small piece MOC. So any tips will help.

I’ll admit, I clicked on this topic expecting a revamp of this guy.


Holy crap cakes! That is terrifying. ALMOST as terrifying as the pump in Ga-Koro. Anyways…Why would you think that? ahah

because his Dark Hunter codename is Prototype.


ahhhhh. Well no, all you get is a crappy character that I failed at building lol

I don’t think it looks half-bad. the colors of course need some work, but as you said, this is a prototype.


Thanks man.


All i need is an infected Miru and those short piraka arms in dark green. Yay!


I actually like the idea of making a concept MOC out of random colors and worrying about the color scheme later. Seems like it’s a much easier process of getting your ideas out there without having to look to over the place for certain-colored parts… Hmm, I should’ve thought of this a long time ago. =P

As for the MOC itself, I like the simplistic build of the torso. Looks like it will turn out pretty good when it’s finished.


I would be of no help to you. I like the aesthetic of a small MOC and it looks really good. Although if I start giving suggestions your tiny MOC would turn into a tiny beserker :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you so much for commenting on this! When I saw your “TTV Crew” topic I wanted to make my own character immediately.

The angled shoulder joints may effect posing, but that’s the only problem I have with it.

Can’t wait to see it done!

Thanks a lot! You’d be surprised…he’s pretty flexable

The body looks great. Probably one of the best bodies I’ve seen but yeah that mean little head. The update looks better for the head though. ~Detox

Really? Thank you!

As did I.

Haha. I changed the name so there was no more confusion.