Choose Your Own Adventure

Do you little kiddy kids remember that book called "Choose Your Own Adventure?" It has an adventure book where you would be presented a situation and you then had to flip to a certain page in order to find out what happens. So yeah. Let's play it, even if I don't have a book.

In this game, you are a knight chosen by your king to venture far down into the Earth to find treasure and other secrets of the land. You all represent the Knight's collective mind, and you guys have to agree in order to make a decision. For example:

Oh no! Spam is blocking your path!
Flip to page 60 to kill it
Flip to page 5 to get a Mod
"I think we should get a mod"
"I think so, too"
"We choose to go to page 5."

Now there are multiple endings to this, most of them are accidental like falling into a trap or an earthquake. If you die by those accidents, then I'll let you guys go to the situation before you died, and you can continue on. However, if you reach the actual ending(s), I won't let you go back. After we reach an actual ending, another adventure begins.

Okay, let's start off with some humble beginnings.

You are a knight, chosen by King Mucusface to venture down to find riches for the country. What is your name?

Flip to page 1 if your name should be "Donte."
Flip to page 2 if your name should be "Slurm."
Flip to page 3 if your name should be "Eljay."


Page 3

page 2 because


Page... um... They ALL SUCK! I'll pick Eljay 'cause it sucks the most!
half /s

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Page 3

I remember these fondly.

Page 1.

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Well, people will think He's edgy if his name is Donte, so I guess Page 1.

Page 2

Page 2
Slurm is coming.

Okay... well... After 2 1/2 hours of homework it is still time for humble beginnings.
Now I tallied up your votes and page 2 and 3 have equal votes. I vote Eljay because irrigation is fun. We will now turn to page 3.

"You first will need some items to help you on your quest. Here are 30 gold coins. Buy some items from the shopkeeper and away with you," says the King.
You take your 30 gold coins to Carl Sagan, the local item hoarder.
"Whaddya want?" he says.
"I'd like to see what you're selling," you say.
"Okay, fine. I sell lanterns, along with lantern oil. Each pint of oil lasts 2 hours. I also have a sword and a shield. There's also invisibility potions and some fire breath potions I have somewhere."
Carl presents you 2 deals, both costing 30 coins.

If you want a lantern, 2 pints of oil, a steel sword, and fire breath, go to page 4.

If you want a wooden sword, a wooden shield, an invisibility potion, a lantern, and 6 pints of oil, go to page 5.


Page 5

I think page four would be pretty great. :smile:

I say page 5.
You get a lot more stuff

Page 4. Better Sword 'n' all.

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page 5

I would go with page 4 in case he rips you off with sword and shield breaking Instantly, the Invisibility potion being poison and there is only 3 pints out of 6 pints that work in the lantern

Page 4, fire breath must be fun...

Page 5 can Eljay even lift a steel sword? We need LoZ style Wood equipment.

I need only one more vote in order to progress.

pAGE 5.