Citizens of the The Sandscape

Since June 22nd will be a year since I first revealed the Human Baby Larvae to the world, it’s time to celebrate my favorite worm child by sharing a constraction scale version of larvae’s best friend: Pumpkin Dog!

unedited photos


A little backstory:

Pumpkin Dog was once a living dog with a happy life and a loving owner. Eventually, that owner died and was buried in the graveyard. The poor dog lived in that graveyard for years, sleeping by her person’s grave.

Attempting to fill her stomach, she found an old Halloween pumpkin and stuck her head in to eat what was left of the pulp. Her head got stuck and she starved, and then died. All the meat fell off her bones and the pumpkin shriveled up around her head. After that, she spent centuries wandering the graveyard, digging holes and running into gravestones because she couldn’t see.

Eventually the local population named her Pumpkin Dog, because nobody who remembered her was alive anymore. Still later, that community dried up, and Pumpkin Dog was the only creature around until HBL roamed through the area. He befriended her and stayed with her for a few weeks, reminding her what it was like to not be alone.

When it was time for HBL to move on, Pumpkin Dog elected to follow him, finally content to let her old master rest in peace. She’s still dead, but she’s no longer a sad, haunting presence. Pumpkin Dog lost her tail a long time ago, but if she still had it, it would never stop wagging.

~ :small_red_triangle: IV :small_red_triangle_down: ~

The Pumpkin Dog minifigure was the first iteration of the character. I found her in a miscellaneous part lot I got online, and a few seconds of thoughtless imagination gave her an identity. Over time, the character grew with the rest of them, and quickly became one of my favorites (even though I haven’t published much about her yet).

Anything I make that’s related to this little world will end up in this topic moving forward. Enjoy the doggy


neat build, kinda dark but also humorous back story


Some minifigs to help me visualize

Left to right we got HBL, Ellion, Bastion, and Siram Nie.

Ellion, hellgrammite spawn and political voice of his Lord HBL. This soul was drawn from HBL’s substance and has a psychic link with his progenitor, all the better to know and enact his will. Ellion is the only mortal with authority over the pantheon of monsters, HBL excluded.

Bastion, personal guard to HBL, and fierce cyborg ogre from the high independent territories. A bold and brave warrior, he once dared to aim his weapon at another monster god to defend his Lord. He rarely leaves HBL’s side.

Siram Nie is the ancient god of a long forgotten civilization. Having recently awoken, he may be disturbed to find nobody remembers him, let alone worships him. How will he manage this transition in the role he plays in the universe? Time will tell.

Bonus photo of the Siram Nie GWP build staring longingly out the window on a rainy day


I love the Siram Nie figure. It has the look of the Celestials from Marvel, but also at a very manageable scale, letting it fit with the other characters. The colors are also very nice. Gold and grey have a good contrast.


Technically not a citizen of the Discount Kingdom, but he’s got a historical role in the Sandscape so I’m putting him here anyway

This was a self-moc when I was ~14 years old, originally a Toa of Fire and Shadow. I’ve since retconned any external IP elements from the story, so he’s got some similarities to the original, but I’ve not touched his character in awhile, so I’ve got some wiggle room to reimagine him still. I’ve stayed true to the original, bar some refinements, for nostalgia’s sake. I feel, though, that a major overhaul is in order to pull him away from Bionicle and into the Fundament history completely.

Diatus Maxus, a synthezoid from another world outside the fold. In a former life, he was a soldier-turned-vigilante, but time and circumstance landed him in the ancient Sandscape, long before any civilization arose.

Fragmented stories and artifacts have survived the aeons, and many cultures have wildly varied legends regarding his exploits, most of them untrue. The name Maxus has also become a fairly common name in the modern time, comparable to David or John in our world.

As for Diatus himself, he has long since returned to his realm, found a life of peace, and died of natural causes in the comfort of his home thousands of years ago.


On my way to perfecting the classic HBL look on a constraction scale, a little experiment

Human Bat Larvae

Some dorks inspired me to build a Monobat, HBL edition and it was a good quick projec tto get me away from the TV and make something again

I am most proud of the head

My best attempt at forcing a Galidor arm to blend with other constraction parts

What’s great is, depending on your culture or moral perspective, ‘human’, ‘bat’, and ‘larvae’ are all kinds of food, so the name still works

You’ll note that he is unaffected by garlic and sunlight. Run now


ooh very nice. I like the head build and colors!


I miss the Earth so much, I miss my wife


very nice SpaceBL and mini-rocket mocs.


It’s lonely out in space


And cold


and stinky


The Machine World is populated by a synthetic race called Mechno. The Mechno race is divided by classes, each engineered for a purpose.

Dader and Jecta are sisters, raised together to work together. Dader is a Stanchion Class, Jecta is a Tinker Class.

Jecta is crafty and curious, and has a copious volume of service manuals downloaded to her mind. For any data she doesn’t carry, two high-power antennae provide a quick path to the WorldMind’s libraries. Unfortunately, she has a tendency to get distracted from her task, so she needs some friendly supervision from her sister.

Dader is single-minded and focused, boasting an enduring attention span and a physical strength to match. While Jecta works on more intricate systems, Dader focuses on the heavy lifting. Dedicated to the job at hand, she sometimes struggles to think outside the box, and relies on Jecta to produce a solution when the road hits a dead end.


Ah these two look great! I really like the mechanical aesthetic and they’re built nicely as well


Great use of Galidor parts!


Very big thanks to both of you! @DuneToa @Rukah


Buddy the Vision-class Mechno. Data collection and extrapolation is the name of the game for this guy, and he hands it off to his siblings from there. He is Dader and Jecta’s next door neighbor.


Very neat. I like the parts usage


I give him a hug



He hugs back in a consoling way